My First Time Using My Doodlestop Yarn Swift and Large Yarn Winder

As some of you might know I asked for a Doodlestop Yarn Swift and a Large Yarn Winder for my Birthday this year. I was very lucky to get them both 🙂 my lovely friend Donna bought me the Doodlestop Yarn Swift and my parents got me the Large Yarn Winder.

My yarn winder arrived a few days after my birthday and then I patiently waited for my yarn swift to arrive, as I needed them both together to cake up some yarn. My Doodlestop Yarn Winder arrived about a week later and on the day it arrived we tested it out, as I was dying to try it out and see it working.

My lovely husband was fantastic, he set aside the afternoon to help me. I needed his help to do this as I always knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself due to my physical limitations. My health has also been worse lately so I knew I had to be careful not to over do it, so I let him do most of it and tried not to help too much where I could because the idea of feeling any worse right now wasn’t good.

Luckily the set up I had planned in my head worked so it meant I could be close to the set up. We used my hospital over the bed table, where we attached the yarn winder and set up the yarn swift. As I said above I let my husband do all the work and I was able to lay back in bed, with the table over me and it was easy to watch and feel part of it. It was also the perfect place to take some photos and videos of the first time using them both to show you.

I have taken quite a few videos to show you, as I thought you’d like to see them in action. I will start with this and then share the photos I took at the bottom, although you might have seen these already if you’re a follower of my Facebook page or instagram account. The videos however you won’t have seen, as the only way so far I have figured out how to share them with you is here on my blog.

Before we start I would just like to tell you a little bit about the Doodlestop Yarn Swift and I will also give you a link to where you can get one if your interested.

I have always liked the yarn swifts that Doodlestop sell so my plan had always been to get that one when I could. During my research I watched several videos seeing a yarn swift and yarn winder in action, in one of those videos was a feature on the swift that I loved. They basically had an extra handle to the swift, which you could use when you wanted to add shop bought yarn onto the swift. Most shop bought yarns come in a skein or ball, whereas when you buy hand dyed yarn or even some luxury yarn brands in comes in a hank which is much easier to add to the swift. With shop bought yarn to have to unwind it onto the swift and this is where the handle comes in. The handle helps you to wind the yarn onto the swift more easily.

After I saw this feature I went and spoke to the lovely lady that runs Doodlestop and asked if she could add this feature on for me. Luckily for me she said yes and behind the scenes she set about working out how to add this feature and make it work. So when you see my yarn swift in the photos and videos it will look different the standard ones that she sells, as mine now has an added handle to allow me to do this.

If you would like to check out Doodlestop’s yarn swifts you can do so on this page, these are the standard ones that she sells. If you want one with the added feature that I have you can contact them and I am sure they can arrange this for you. The yarn swift I have is the Yarn Swift Attachment, as I already have a yarn buddy from them so I don’t need the full kit.

These two videos show us (me and my husband, although technically its my husband doing this not me) using the Doodlestop Yarn Swift and the Large Yarn Winder for the first time. On the yarn swift and winder is some beautiful hand dyed yarn by Young Yarns, its Pima Cotton 4 ply in the colourway Blossom.

As you can see from the first video we are going slowly to start with, as we are getting used to how it works. I wanted to show the whole set up and then I wanted to focus on the yarn winder. This is the first ever yarn we have caked ourselves.

The next stage was to test out doing some shop bought yarn, so I selected a few balls of Lily Sugar n Cream Solids. In the video above you can see the Doodlestop Yarn Swift, with the extra feature added in use.

To add shop bought yarn to the swift I retrieved the yarn end from inside the ball of yarn and tied this to one of the poles on the swift. I then held the ball of yarn, with the piece of yarn loosely between my fingers. My husband, as seen in the video then uses the handle to wind the swift. I was surprised at just how quick and easy it was to get the yarn on the swift, ready for caking with the yarn winder.

In these video’s above I have shown my husband caking some Lily Sugar n Cream Solids yarn. All these yarns were added onto the swift like the previous video above showed and then it was easy to cake them from there. These are the first shop bought yarn we have ever caked ourselves and we are very happy with the results.

You might see from some of those videos above, that our ragdoll cat Huggy Bear was really fascinated with the whole process. He loved watching and was a very good boy, never trying to touch it once.

Well that is all the video’s, I hope you enjoyed seeing them in action. I love my Doodlestop Yarn Swift and Large Yarn Winder, with more help from my lovely husband I will be working through the rest of my stash.

Now onto the photos I took, although you may have already seen these on my Instagram or Facebook page. There will be one photo you haven’t seen, as I forgot to share that one (the one showing the bare yarn winder and swift).

Sorry for the long post but I felt it made sense to keep it within one post :-). One of my cats Huggy Bear has been very sweet and has been snuggled by my side throughout so I thought I would end this post with a few photos of him.

Huggy Bear keeping me company whilst I am doing my blog post.

Huggy Bear keeping me company whilst I am doing my blog post.

Huggy Bear, our male ragdoll cat keeping me company whilst I write this blog post.

Huggy Bear, our male ragdoll cat keeping me company whilst I write this blog post.


Happy Crafting,

Rosie x