Cosy Stripe Blanket – First Set Complete

On Friday the 27th of March 2015 I finished my first set of colours on my Cosy Stripe Blanket :-). It was lovely to see all the colours coming together for the first time and already its starting to look like a blanket, it makes me very excited to see it continue to grow.

I felt this was a perfect time for an update, as I said I’d update you either weekly or per set and I decided on the later to start with. I will start with sharing the important information to start with, as not only is it a good record for me but some of you might want to know also.

These are the colours that I used for my first set;

  1. Stylecraft Special DK Teal
  2. James C Brett Twinkle TK16 Jade
  3. Stylecraft Special DK Cloud Blue
  4. James C Brett Twinkle TK2 White
  5. Stylecraft Special DK Lavender
  6. James C Brett Twinkle TK14 Pale Blue
  7. Stylecraft Special DK Violet
  8. James C Brett Twinkle TK8 Silver

Below are photos of this colour order, starting with my pegs and then a photo of the yarn all lined up and ready to go.



I am really happy with how my first set has turned out and I think it looks great. As I said in a previous post this is my first time doing a single size blanket and using these yarns, so far I am really enjoying it. The yarn is still getting a while to get used too because I work mostly with cotton or cotton blends but its not bad and certainly better than previous acrylics I’ve worked with :-).

This first set has grown quickly, I think that is down to my health as I have been having a really tough time lately and I haven’t been up to much. I knew that if I wanted to do some crochet it needed to be easy going for me so my blanket was perfect for this. It really helped to distract me from the pain and how ill I am feeling, so for me its been therapeutic so far.

I have taken a photo of the first colour set completed, please note the first colour is at the bottom and the last colour at the top. I will just add, that if I was to do this blanket again that I would make sure my starting chain was a bit looser (the dark teal colour) as that row is slightly smaller in width compared to the rest.

My Cosy Stripe Blanket - First Set Done

Well that is pretty much it for my first update 🙂 and I am now onto my second set of colours, in fact it wont be long till my next set is finished because as I type I am already half way through the next set.

Please note in these photos the blanket is folded up, so its not the true width of the blanket.

I will end this post with a photo I shared on Instagram (also sent to Facebook and Twitter), which is a collage of all the related photos from set one.

Cosy Stripe Blanket - Set 1 Complete

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x

8 thoughts on “Cosy Stripe Blanket – First Set Complete

  1. Gina

    Hi Rosie, I like your blanket, and the colors look lovely together. I found it when I was looking for help, as I have started the cosy stripe blanket, using the attic 24 pattern, but cannot get the stitch count right in the fifth row ( when you are meant to miss the last stitch). Please could you tell me how many stitches you cast on and how many stitches you had in the fifth and sixth Road? I would be very grateful. Many thanks Gina

    1. Hi Gina,

      I think I know exactly the section you mean, you mean the rows where its not straight stitches? It might sound silly but I wondered if you are following/have looked at the photo tutorial section of her pattern on her blog? As I know crochet well I went down to the bottom of the post for the short version and when I had a problem on this area I totally forgot about the photo tutorial. When I did and went back and looked at it and solved my problem :-). I do know what you mean though, having no stitch count at the end of each row doesn’t help. I am used to most of my patterns doing this and I like it because then I know if I am doing it right or not.

      Anyway I can get this info for you but I don’t think you’ll need it, as I am fairly sure you are stuck exactly where I am. Just re-reading your comment I think your now on the straight row of stitches and this is where its going wrong? as you mentioned the section where you are meant to skip the last stitch. I know it looks strange missing this stitch as when I did this for the first time I really thought I was doing something wrong but I wasn’t. On my first row of straight stitches I would do the required stitch all the way along but ignore the last one. The photo tutorial shows this area really clearly 🙂 and then you just carry on with the next row. I hope I am making sense? Basically even though it looks weird now when you add the border it will hide the row with the extra stitch, well at least this is what I am told.

      I really hope what I have said helped. I should be able to get the stitch count for you should you still need it but I have a feeling that just like me if you look at the photo tutorial it will solve the problem your having/reassure you what your doing is right. Reply if you still need the stitch count and I can do this for you.

      I hope you manage to get past this stage as it is a really easy blanket to do as its just repeating the same two row styles over and over again :-). I am happy to help if your still struggling so don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need too.

      Rosie 🙂

      1. Gina

        Hi Rosie thanks very much for your detailed reply! I have looked really carefully at the photo tutorial and have done what it shows, plus some fiddling around with the colors. I now find that from a starting chain of 198 (as per Lucy’s instructions) I end up with 196 straight trebles in rows 5 and 6. When I did it as 195 it did not seem to work. Is 196 the same as you? Sorry to be a pain but I love the look of your blanket and want to achieve the same! Thanks again Gina

        1. Not a problem Gina, I am more than happy to check for you. It’s the middle of the night now so I’ll check later. I usually wake for lunch around 2pm so I’ll check after that and get back to you.

          Glad my advice helped and I’ll be in touch again soon.

        2. I have been counting my straight treble rows. My very first row I counted 199 trebles, I’m fairly sure I did not count wrong. I have 198 on my third row which I call the cluster rows and 200 on my 4th cluster row. When I count how many I have for row 5 and 6, I count 200 and again I don’t think I counted wrong.

          If I go to my last straight treble row I have a stitch count of 199 and my last cluster row I have a count of 200 stitches.

          I hope this helps, I know your numbers have come out differently I think but it doesn’t have to mean you’ve made a mistake as I know in Lucy’s instructions you can adapt the size of the blanket. Saying that if you have the same starting chain then maybe you’ve made a mistake.

          I really hope this helps :)I promise you it’s not hard to do and once you’ve got the first section done you just keep repeating (your basically repeating the two different stitch rows over and over again). So don’t give up ok? And I’ll do what I can to help.

          Fingers crossed the counting of stitches I’ve done on my blanket today help you.

          Rosie 🙂

          1. Gina

            Thanks Rosie! I will have a count of my ‘cluster rows’ (I tend to think of them as treble clusters and I counted them rather than the stitches that make them up) and see what’s happening. You are a very kind person. I appreciate your help.

            I will let you know how I get on. Have a lovely day. Gina x

  2. Hi Rosie, Your page just came up when I searched for Yarn Pegs. I wasn’t sure what they were or how they are used. I thought maybe you clipped them to something to show you the order in your project. I see that they are samples of all of your yarn and you pick out the ones you like together. I love your Cosy Stripes – they are similar colour to what I would choose – I love Wedgewood blue and denim paired with royal blue. Now that I have found you I’m looking forward to reading some of your blog. Best wishes Jaime x

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