My Cosy Stripe Blanket CAL Project

At the back-end of last year there was a post on a group I am a member of, called Chronic Creatives which is for people who have Chronic health conditions and are creative. This post was all about starting our own Crochet Along as one of the members had been inspired by a recent CAL over on Lucy’s (Attic24) blog. I thought this was a great idea and like many other members, we said we would love to do one. This started a sub group for Chronic Creatives called CC Crochet Along and this is where it all began.

The Crochet Along (CAL) was about making a blanket and several patterns were suggested, at the end of the day though it was pretty relaxed and you could choose to work on whatever blanket pattern you liked or for some members even continue a blanket you were already doing. The great thing about this CAL is that because we are all ill and limited by our health no time limits or goals were set, it was purely to do it at a pace suitable for you.

I set about choosing which blanket pattern I wanted to do and what materials I wanted to do it in. I have made blankets before but this will be my first time making a single size blanket. It was nice being able to discuss this in the group and many others were doing the same thing as well. It was exciting to see blankets being planned and photos being shown of what colour scheme and blankets they had chosen etc.

So what about me? I decided to do a pattern by Lucy at Attic 24, she has so many lovely patterns I have to admit it was hard to choose. In the end I was inspired by another member’s blanket and that’s what helped me choose in the end, because hers was so pretty and I loved how she did it. So for me this was my inspiration and helped me to plan my very own blanket.

I would like to share some links to the blanket that inspired me, here is a link to her first post about her blanket that she was starting and here is a link where you can see all her posts relating to this blanket.

Now onto my blanket now I have shared how it all started 🙂 As you probably know already from the last paragraph I choose the Cosy Stripe Blanket Pattern by Lucy at Attic24. I loved how Clare at Summerhouse by the Sea did her blanket, the way that she used plain yarn along with sparkly yarn. So I knew immediately that I wanted to do that too so I set about looking at yarn choices and colours.

Clare had used Stylecraft Special DK and James C Brett Twinkle, both are DK (double knit) and a acrylic yarn base. I must admit I was a bit nervous about using the same yarns as I am not a big fan of acrylic but after some research I decided to give it a try, also it came down to cost at the end of the day. I would loved to have used a cotton yarn or even a blend yarn but the costs were just too high for me at the time, the good thing about this acrylic yarn is the price was very reasonable and something I could afford at the time. I have had some very bad experiences with acrylic yarn which is what made me nervous however I had already tried Stylecraft Special DK recently which was much better than what I had tried before so it was that along with how popular it was that gave me the confidence to give it a try.

I decided to base my colour scheme on my new bedroom wallpaper, my bedroom was yet to be decorated but I knew it would be in the next few months and I had already chosen my wallpaper. I will share a screenshot I took from Wallpaper Direct showing what my wallpaper is like so you can see the inspiration behind my colour choices. I will also add, as you can’t see from the photo that this wallpaper includes glitter and mica highlights which is why I liked the idea of bringing the sparkly yarn into my blanket.

Albany Akina - Teal Blue on off white

Albany Akina – Teal Blue On Off White

I choose colours from this wallpaper when choosing colours for my blanket and I also added in two other colours that I liked and felt would work well with them. Below are the colours I choose, I bought them from Wool Warehouse (Stylecraft) and Purplelinda Crafts (James C Brett).

Stylecraft Special DK;




Cloud Blue

James C Brett Twinkle;

TK16 Jade

TK14 Pale Blue

TK8 Silver

TK2 White


I bought 2 of each colour and I based my yarn amounts on how much Lucy at Attic24 suggested. I also loved what she did with her yarn, she put them on pegs as it gave her a visual colour chart and helped her when choosing colours for her blankets as well as organising which colours for each row. So I set about doing this as well and I must admit its a great idea of hers and its now something I do with all my yarn brands 🙂 thank you Lucy.

I took quite a few photos of my yarn that I bought for this project but I will try to keep photos here to a minimum. I will now show you the yarn I bought and also the yarn pegs I did.



Here are the yarns organised on the pegs, just like Lucy at Attic24 does them.



These first two photos show the pegs in order of brand, so the first four are Stylecraft and the second four are James C Brett.

As you can now see I am now almost ready to start my blanket 🙂 as I have everything organised and ready to go. I decided to cake all my yarn for this project as I find working with caked yarn much easier, plus I was recently blessed with a lovely gift which was a Doodlestop Yarn Buddy and this works much better with caked yarn. So my lovely husband helped me to cake all my blanket yarn 🙂 and how along with my yarn buddy it’s so easy to use when I am working on my blanket (If you don’t know what a yarn buddy is or does I will be doing a post about this soon to explain).

Here is a photo of all my yarn caked, doesn’t it look lovely? Please note I do have two balls of each colour but only one colour is shown here. It’s also organised by my first set of rows, which I will explain further in a moment.


Here is another photo of all this yarn on my pegs, which is showing the same order as these yarns above.


If you are not familiar with this pattern by Lucy then what she does is sets of rows, each set is a row of each colour yarn in a certain order. She likes to do something known as random organised, which means she will take the yarn colours she has and in each set she will organise which order the colours go in. It’s random because each set will be in a different order and its organised because she will work out each set before she starts. I very much like the idea of this as it still means you get a random effect but you plan it at each set rather than just randomly as you go along. For me I know this will save me a lot of time as I know if I did it as I went that I would struggle to decide, whereas doing it at the start of each set means I know exactly what I am doing.

So there we are, I think I have included everything you would want to know (and more probably!) about this new project of mine. I am very excited about starting this, its been in the planning since December 2014 and its nice to finally be making a start. I had hoped to start much earlier but I had a few other projects I needed to finish first but now they are done I knew I could finally start my blanket.

My plan is to do a weekly update on my blanket progress or to do an update each set of rows, I am not sure which yet and I will see how it goes to which one I choose to do or I might end up doing a bit of both. I am sure there will be times when this blanket progresses quite quickly and when it goes more slowly, as not only do I have my health to consider but I will be doing some other projects along side this one.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about anything please let me know :-). I have already done one post on this blanket already as I was eager to do one on the first day I started working on my blanket, if you haven’t seen it already you can do so here. You will also be able to find all posts relating to this blanket under the following tag; Cosy Stripe Blanket. You will see the tags mentioned at the bottom of each post or on my homepage at the right hand side bar, if you click on that tag it will show you all posts with a connection to this project.

Thanks for reading this really long post, I didn’t plan for it to be this long but its amazing that by the time you’ve included what you think should be that it ends up longer than you thought.

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x

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