Cosy Stripe Blanket – Third Set Complete

On the 23rd of April 2015 I finished my third set of colours on my Cosy Stripe Blanket. It’s really growing now and getting bigger which is nice to see, it even goes over my lap as I’m working on it. I am also loving seeing all the colours as my blanket gets bigger and I am really happy with how its looking :-).

It’s taken me a few weeks to get this set done as my health has been very bad so I’ve not been able to do as much crochet and I have also been working on some other projects. I always love it when I have some time working on my blanket, I find it really relaxing to work on and that’s great if I am really not feeling up to much crochet as this blanket is the perfect project to pick.

I’ll now share the colours I used for this set and what order I did them in, in case you’d like to know but it’s also a great record for me.

This is the colour order of my third set;

  1. James C Brett Twinkle TK16 Jade
  2. James C Brett Twinkle TK8 Silver
  3. Stylecraft Special DK Lavender
  4. James C Brett Twinkle TK14 Pale Blue
  5. Stylecraft Special DK Violet
  6. Stylecraft Special DK Teal
  7. James C Brett Twinkle TK2 White
  8. Stylecraft Special DK Cloud Blue

Below are photos of this colour order, starting with my pegs and then a photo of the yarn all lined up and ready to go.



Now I’d like to show you a photo of how my blanket is looking so far, its looking great now it has a total of three sets completed. My blanket is folded in this photo and I’ve had to turn it around (compared to how I usually take photos of my blanket) to get all the colours in the photo, its not the best but still shows how good its looking.


I am sorry I am a bit delayed in posting this update, I had hoped to do it fairly quickly after I completed the latest set but due to my health being so bad its been very difficult. I’ve had to do this in lots of stages so I do apologise its taken me till now to publish this post.

I will end this post with a photo collage of a round up of photos from completing set 3. Now onto doing set 4, although as I am behind on posting this I have already started :-).

Cosy Stripe Blanket - Set Three Complete.

Cosy Stripe Blanket – Set Three Complete.

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x


2 thoughts on “Cosy Stripe Blanket – Third Set Complete

  1. Its looking gorgeous Rosie 🙂 I love the colours, they are working so well together.

    My blanket has slowed a little bit lately but I hope to have a go with it later. You’re right, blanket making is such good therapy.

    Take Care
    Sarah xx

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