Three Bears Yarn Review; Pink (Baby Pink) DK Yarn Sample

I am back again with my next review, for those that haven’t seen my others this is my third review using my third yarn sample from them and after this one I have one more to share with you. For those that have been following along, thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my next review.

Three Bears Yarn are a new British company, based in Lancashire and are launching their range of cotton yarns on the 1st of October. Only one more day to go now 🙂 and then we can start buying their yarn! I received a sample of each of their yarns a few weeks ago and since then I have been busy working on some samples and reviewing them which I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and even found helpful. I have really been enjoying trying their yarns, especially as being a vegan cotton is my most used yarn fibre. It’s lovely to find a new British company that is offering cotton yarns 🙂 and I love that I now have even more yarn options!

Three Bears Yarn - Yarn Samples.

Three Bears Yarn – Yarn Samples.

Today I am here to review their cotton DK yarn, part of their affection range. If you would like to see the previous reviews I’ve done on their yarn, you can see the cotton aran yarn review here and the cotton DK chenille yarn here.

I was given a lovely pink yarn for my sample of their DK weight yarn from the affection range, the official colour is called Baby Pink. I do use DK yarn in some of my projects so I was eager to try out their DK yarn and see what it was like. At my first look and touch of this yarn it felt soft which I liked but not fuzzy which you can get with some yarns, I liked this by the way 🙂 as the fuzziness can make working with the yarn a bit harder. To me it also looked thinner than the DK yarns I usually use so I was interested to see how this yarn would work when I started making something with it.

The above photos are thumbnails, if you would like to see the larger photo click on the photo you want to see and you should see the full size photo.

I first started by looking for patterns within the amount I had been given for my sample. It did take a while at first as my sample was around 30g but I did find some good options in the end and decided to go with baby items for this sample. I found a really cute pattern that I thought would work really well with this beautiful pink yarn and couldn’t wait to try it out. I actually ended up having yarn left and I managed to find another pattern to use the leftovers with, so for this sample yarn I will be able to show you two projects I have made with this yarn. So I can happily say it’s been given a good testing!

My first project with this yarn is a pattern called Point Shoes By Mon Petit Violon (opens in a new tab/window), this pattern is a free pattern and it was lovely to try out a pattern by this designer as I have been falling in love with her designs lately. The smallest size was 0-6 months and I was aiming for newborn size shoes, all I did was use a smaller hook size and followed the pattern in the hope it would give me the size I was looking for (which it did). I really enjoyed working on this pattern with my yarn sample, I was in love with the colour pink they have achieved with this yarn and I couldn’t wait to see the finished shoes.

From working with this yarn whilst working on the pattern it did give me a good idea of what this yarn was like. I definitely think it’s on the thin side for a DK yarn but this isn’t necessarily a problem as I know of a few DK yarns that are known to be on the thinner end of that yarn weight. I did find the yarn a little splitty but not that much, I didn’t find it made working on my pattern any harder or not that much anyway. I do think this pattern would probably benefit from a thicker plumper DK yarn but I am still really happy with how my ballet shoes (what I call them) turned out. They look so pretty and delicate and I think the yarn has added to that look, and as I said before the colour is just beautiful.

The above photos are thumbnails, if you would like to see the larger photo click on the photo you want to see and you should see the full size photo.

If you would like to view this project on Ravelry you can do so by clicking here (opens in a new window/tab).

I was really surprised that I had leftovers from this pattern, as I knew I wouldn’t have much going from the pattern details. In the end it only used about half my yarn, maybe that’s because I went for a smaller hook? Either way I was left with enough yarn to make something else and it was nice to be able to test this yarn out further. My first pattern was quite intricate and detailed, so when I choose something else to test this yarn on I wanted to try something a bit more simple.

The second pattern I choose is called Girly Preemie/Newborn Hat By Julee Fort. I thought it was a cute baby hat and would be great to test this yarn on, and I knew the beautiful colour of this yarn would make this hat look adorable. I decided to try making the preemie size of the hat, partly because I only had a small amount of yarn left and also I was hoping it might fit my small reborn baby girl I have called Hope (she doesn’t have many hats that fit, as she has a small head). I also knew if it fit her I could show you some lovely photos of the hat being worn, which would show of the yarn well :-).

I really enjoyed making this hat and it was lovely trying this yarn out making something like this. The yarn was lovely to work with and I found it really easy to use, I know earlier I mentioned the yarn is a little splitty but not much and I have to say working on this hat which was actually fairly simple to do I had no problems with that at all. It was a pleasure to work with and I didn’t find the yarn being a thinner DK an issue at all, in fact I think it was perfect for this hat and I loved the finish it gave. I have a feeling that generally this yarn will be perfect for baby items and I can see myself making some more baby projects with this.

The above photos are thumbnails, if you would like to see the larger photo click on the photo you want to see and you should see the full size photo.

If you would like to see this project on Ravelry you can do so here (opens in a new tab/window).

Over all I enjoyed using this yarn, it’s different to most DK yarns I have used so far. I like how it’s soft but the fibre isn’t fuzzy which makes it easy to work with especially if you need to undo any work (which I did test out, as I did undo some and rework with the same yarn with no problems at all). It’s a fairly stable yarn too, as I said a few signs of being slightly splitty but not much at all. When I was making the ballet shoes I was using a 3mm hook and design at times was quite fiddly and the yarn coped well with that (with a splittier yarn that would have been so much harder). I then went onto making a hat with a 3.75mm hook and that pattern was fairly simple and it coped well with that too, so I was really impressed with how this yarn performed. As I said before, it is a thinner DK but I am really happy with how both my projects turned out using a 3mm hook and a 3.75mm hook. I am not sure if you’d want to use a hook much bigger than this although it does depend on what you’re making with it.

The finished look of this yarn is lovely, in both my projects the finished result looks really nice. I love that this yarn isn’t shiny or mercerised as a lot of cotton DK yarns on the market are and there any only a few that aren’t, so I love that this yarn isn’t. The yarn gives a lovely finish, the stitch definition is stunning and both my projects are soft to the touch. I really love the finished result and I hope that you can see some of this in my photos, I really wish you could see them in person as they both look lovely. I think I have covered most things I can say about this yarn and I am definitely a fan :-).

I nearly forgot, I usually like to compare these yarns to others I have used to give you an idea of what this yarn is like. In terms of cotton DK yarn, the ones I’ve used mostly so far are; King Cole Cotton Soft DK, King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK, Drops Muskat and some Pima Cotton yarn (I don’t know the brand as this is often with my hand dyed yarns). I am aware there are quite a few more on the market, some I own but haven’t tried yet and some I haven’t but I’ve heard what they are like. I’ll try to compare to the ones I have used so far although I have to say from all the ones I have mentioned none are like this DK yarn from Three Bears Yarn. King Cole Cotton Soft has a fuzzier fibre to it and I’d also say its thicker, this is why I mentioned that I liked that Three Bears Yarn was soft but without that fuzziness which does make it easier to work with (as the fibres don’t start sticking to each other, which can make it harder if you need to undo any work for example). King Cole Bamboo Cotton is obviously slightly different as it’s half bamboo and half cotton, again this yarn is thicker and it is soft and silky. It’s actually one of my favourite yarns to use although it’s hard to compare to this yarn from Three Bears Yarn, although I must say if they ever brought out a cotton bamboo yarn blend I would jump at the chance to try it. As for the other two yarns I mentioned, Drops Muskat is mercerised so that already makes it different but I would say that’s a slightly thinner DK yarn but probably still a little thicker than Three Bears Yarn and then there is the Pima Cotton I’m used to working with, but again this is different too. In terms of comparing, as you can see it is really hard to do because it’s not like any of them. All I can say is that it is generally a thinner DK yarn, but it’s lovely and soft and easy to use. Sorry if this didn’t help much but I’ve not tried any cotton DK yarn like this before so comparing is very difficult to do.

I have really enjoyed trying this yarn and over all my experience was really positive, the only negative as such and that’s if you choose to see it that way is that in my opinion it is a thinner DK yarn than I am used too and that is all. The more I used this yarn the more I liked it, I have to say when I made the baby hat is when I fell in love with this yarn. I can see myself using this yarn in the future and it’s really great to have another cotton option for DK yarn :-).

I’d like to mention one more thing which I think is a huge bonus to using this yarn, and you might remember me saying this if you have read my review on their aran weight yarn. What is this you ask? Three Bears Yarn offer the following yarn weights; 4ply, DK and Aran and in this range they offer the same colours. This means that you could make projects with multiple yarn weights and you know the colours would match, as they even mention on their website that their colours are closely colour matched. This is a huge bonus in my opinion and it’s something that would make me choose them over another company when I buy my yarn for certain projects. Let me share an example with you…

[You might want to skip this part if you saw my aran sample review, as it’s the same info]

As you might know I choose to make a Huggy Monster with my aran weight sample and I made the original one from the pattern. The pattern also includes how to make the rest of the family and when I saw the designers photo of the family how could I resist?

Photo Copyright: Smartapple Creations / Maarja Härsing-Värk. **Clicking on this photo will take you to the designers website.**

As you can see from the designers photo above her yarn shades have had to vary slightly, this is because as far as I know no other company offers the same colour range across different weights of yarn. For me to make a monster family like above I will need a DK weight for Mummy and a 4ply weight for the baby and thanks to Three Bears Yarn I will be able to buy exactly the same colour yarn to make them :-) meaning they will all colour match. Isn’t this the best bonus ever? It’s certainly something that makes me really happy and excited :-) and also I know I’d struggle if the colours didn’t match due to my OCD. So this fantastic bonus makes my OCD very happy and I can’t wait to make the rest of my monster family now!

[You can start reading now if you skipped the above section.]

After sampling the DK yarn from the affectionate range I will definitely be buying some more, firstly to finish my monster family as I’ll need some DK to make the Mummy and maybe some to make some more baby projects with :-). It’s a lovely yarn and I must say I am in love with this baby pink colour and I am looking forward to seeing some other colours from the range.

Three Bears Yarn launch on the 1st of October, which is only one day away now! I’ll be buying a few yarns hopefully as I’d like to finish my monster family and when I do I will come back to show you. One of the best things about this company (apart from it being cotton yarn) is the same colours across several weights of yarn, that as far as I know no other company does. So I’d like to say a big thank you to them for offering this fantastic service 🙂 as it’s definitely going to make a huge difference in the outcome of my monster family!

Below is photos of their yarn range that will be launching tomorrow and with a few details you might like to know;

Affection – A versatile range of 100% cotton yarns in DK, 4PLY and Aran weights, available in 50g balls and 225g cones. **Click on photo to go to their website**

Chenille – A range of luxurious 100% cotton chenille yarn in DK weight available in 7 striking colours on 225g cone or 50g ball. **Click on the photo to go to their website**

The pricing structure for this yarn is done differently to most companies, it will be the same cost whether you buy 4ply, DK or aran and its sold per weight. 50g balls at £3.49 and 225g cones at £12.99. These prices are correct at the time of this  blog post.

50g balls; Aran 85m, DK 165m, 4ply 225m and DK Chenille 96m.

225g cones; Aran 382.5m, DK 742.5m, 4ply 1,012.5m and DK Chenille 432m.

One last thing before I end this review, I’d like to mention cost as I do think for most people this affects their yarn purchases. As you can see from above I have mentioned the cost of the yarn and it’s the same price whether you choose DK or 4ply for example. I have also included how many metres of yarn is included per ball or cone (information supplied by Three Bears Yarn) and this helps when comparing prices to other yarns on the market.

I have just reviewed their DK weight yarn, so when it comes on sale the usual retail price will be £3.49 for 5og/165m or £12.99 for 225g/742.5m. Earlier in my review I mentioned what other cotton DK weight yarns I usually use, which are King Cole Cotton Soft DK, King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK, Drops Muskat DK and Pima Cotton. When it comes to comparing price there is a difference in price and it does work out slightly more expensive generally but not by much. I think you have decide if it’s worth the extra money, and that will all depend on how much you like the yarns you use and what projects you’ll be making with them. I will mention below the costs of the other yarns I use and their stats for easy comparison;

King Cole Cotton Soft DK 100% Cotton Yarn

100g/210m. Current Price WW £3.59 LK £4.49

If you work out the price of 50g worth, to make it easier to compare that means that you’re getting 50g/105m for £1.79 approx. (WW) or £2.24 approx. (LK).

Prices taken from Wool Warehouse and Love Knitting (opens in a new tab/window). Prices correct at time of the blog post.

King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK 50% cotton 50% Bamboo Yarn

100g/230m. Current Price WW £4.49 LK £5.59.

If you work out the price of 50g worth, to make it easier to compare that means that you’re getting 50g/115m for £2.24 approx., (WW) or £2.79 approx. (LK).

Prices taken from Wool Warehouse and Love Knitting (opens in a new tab/window). Prices correct at time of the blog post.

Drops Muskat 100% Cotton

50g/100m. Current Price WW £1.45 (Not for Sale on LK or Deramores)

Price taken from Wool Warehouse (opens in a new tab/window). Prices correct at time of the blog post.

I won’t compare the Pima Cotton I mentioned as I do not know the prices/details for these.


As you might see from above, even when I try to compare with the above prices it’s still not the best comparison as all those yarns above had less metres per 50g of yarn. So to help out a bit further I did a little bit more maths to find out how much would you pay for 165m of yarn on each of those yarns mentioned above (165m is the amount of metres per 5og ball with Three Bears Yarn).

King Cole Cotton Soft DK – WW £2.82 approx. LK £3.52 approx.

King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK – WW £3.22 approx. LK £4.01 approx.

Drops Muskat DK – WW £2.39 approx.

From those comparisons above it’s now a lot easier to see the price comparison between those yarns and Three Bears Yarn. As you can see the costs are varied but working on the cheaper yarn prices they are all cheaper than Three Bears Yarn, however some there isn’t that much difference.

Overall I do think this yarn is worth the money (which in some cases it’s less than 50p more) and it’s different to any other cotton DK yarn I have used. I think it will be great for certain projects, like I mentioned earlier I think it will be lovely for baby items and then of course you have that fantastic bonus with the colours too. For me I would happily recommend this yarn and depending on which yarn you compare it to the price isn’t that much more. I can definitely see myself buying this yarn more and depending on the project I would choose this yarn above the others. I think it’s great value for money, especially when it comes to how many metres you get per 50g of yarn which is more than the other companies I compared too. It’s a great yarn and has a lot going for it, so if you like working with cotton DK yarn I suggest you give this a try :-).

I hope you have found this review helpful, I did question whether to include how I feel about the price and what the prices were but after thinking about it I decided it was important to include. When I do a review I think about what my readers would like to know and that if I was looking at this review as a reader what would I want to know. I’ve seen reviews that do include prices and ones that don’t and what I noticed from the comments on these reviews is most wanted to know about price and what the reviewer felt about it. If you have any other questions about this yarn that I have not mentioned please free to ask and if I can help I will :-).

I will be back again soon as I have one more sample to review, which is there 4ply yarn. I am busy making a project with it and hope to have it finished in the next few days. I do apologise that it’s not been ready for the launch like I had hoped, I have been busy working on these samples but as you might know I have to work within my health and that does mean at times it can take me a bit longer. I promise you wont have long to wait though and I can’t wait to share with you what I think about that yarn too.

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x

Disclaimer: These are my own honest opinions and I have not been paid by Three Bears Yarn to write this review. They have provided the yarn samples free of charge but there was no conditions attached to this. It’s been my pleasure to test and share the results of these yarn samples with you.

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