Three Bears Yarn Review; Lilac (Purple Passion) 4ply Yarn Sample

Firstly I would like to apologise for how long it has taken me to post up my last review of the samples I received from Three Bears Yarn back in September, unfortunately my health started to get worse at the end of the month and I came down with the Flu and this was shortly after I had just finished testing their 4ply yarn sample. I am here now though and ready to share my review with you and for those that have been following along with the other reviews I did of my sample yarns thank you for your patience and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this one too.

Three Bears Yarn are a new British company, based in Lancashire and  launched their range of cotton yarns on the 1st of October. I received a sample of each of their yarns in the beginning of September and throughout September I was busy working on their samples and reviewing them which I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and even found helpful. I have really been enjoying trying their yarns, especially as being a vegan cotton is my most used yarn fibre. It’s lovely to find a new British company that is offering cotton yarns :-) and I love that I now have even more yarn options!

Three Bears Yarn - Yarn Samples.

Three Bears Yarn – Yarn Samples.

Today I am here to review their cotton 4ply yarn, part of their affection range. If you would like to see the previous reviews I’ve done on their yarn, you can see the cotton aran yarn review here, the cotton DK chenille yarn here, and the cotton DK yarn here.

I was given a lovely lilac yarn for my sample of their 4ply weight yarn from the affection range, the official colour is called Purple Passion. I use 4ply for various projects including Amigurumi so I was looking forward to trying this. It’s a lovely soft delicate yarn, by delicate I don’t mean the yarn is delicate it just feels like the right word to describe the yarn. It’s slightly thinner 4ply compared to what I am used too but then most of the 4ply yarn I have used is also mercerised, so it’s nice that this one isn’t. It’s very similar to their DK weight yarn to be honest, it’s just thinner and it’s a lovely soft yarn without the fuzziness that you can get with soft yarn. I am really looking forward to trying this out as it is different to the 4ply I usually use but I am excited by this :-).

So like I did with all my other samples I set about looking for a pattern to use this beautiful yarn with, it was a bit difficult at first because most projects using this weight of yarn ask for more than I have. I also wanted to make sure I did something different as I have been trying to make different things for each sample so you can see the yarn being used for different kind of projects. I finally decided on making a headband with the yarn as this seemed like my best option with the amount of yarn I had and I thought one would look so pretty with this lovely lilac yarn. As I can’t wear a headband because I don’t have much hair due to my health condition I asked my friend would she like one, as I was looking to make one with my sample and it would be nice to make one that somebody can wear. She was more than happy to take me up on my offer and I showed her a few patterns she could choose from and she choose one that she liked, so that’s how I chose what to make with this yarn sample :-).

The pattern chosen is called Latte Headband By Expression Fiber Arts (opens in a new tab/window), this pattern is free and it’s the first pattern I have done by this designer. I knew the yarn I was going to use was quite different from hers as it’s a solid colour and also a different fibre but I felt confident that it would still work and look great. In fact I was looking forward to seeing how this turned out, as it’s also the first headband I have made (well for adults!).

I really enjoyed working with this yarn whilst making this headband, it was really easy to use and it wasn’t splitty either which I know some 4ply yarn can be. It even has some give to it so I am hopeful it will work well with this pattern too. As my headband grew the more I loved this yarn, it was giving a lovely finish and it was lovely and soft too. I am also loving this lilac colour which they have named purple passion, it’s really pretty and I am already feeling inspired by what I could make with such a pretty colour. Anyway back to making the headband and testing out this yarn, it preformed really well and I am really happy with it. It’s very much like the DK yarn they do but thinner of course, and in terms of this 4ply compared to others I think it may be a bit thinner but I didn’t find this was a problem for me and I really enjoyed working with it.

Here are some photos I took of the headband I made, I think it looks really pretty and I am delighted with how it has turned out. I have sent it off to my friend and she is going to get me some photos of it being worn so you can see it better, as I know with headbands it’s nice to see it being worn rather than laid flat. I will add these photos to this post as soon as I receive them and in the meantime here are some photos I took before sending it off to my friend :-).

Passion Purple Headband made with cotton 4ply yarn sample from Three Bears Yarn.

Purple Passion Headband made with cotton 4ply yarn sample from Three Bears Yarn.

If you would like to see this project on Ravelry please click here (opens in a new tab/window).

I am so pleased with how this headband turned out, the cotton has given a beautiful finish to my project and it’s soft too. I showed the photos to my friend who I am giving this too and she loves it, she couldn’t wait for it to arrive so she could try it!

I was surprised to find out I had some yarn left after this project as I expected it to use much more than this, however I had made it the perfect size and width for my needs so I certainly didn’t need to use any more. I did think about making something else with the leftover yarn but I didn’t want to delay getting this review up for you, so I decided to leave it and I would use the leftovers for some other projects in the future (I was thinking it would be perfect to use when I make my baby Huggy Monster, you might remember I made a Huggy Monster with my aran yarn sample which you can see here). I know my review has been delayed in the end although that was due to me getting ill with the Flu and not being well enough to do a blog post.

Over all I would like to say that I loved working with this 4ply yarn, it was easy to work with and isn’t spitty like others I have worked with before. I also like that it’s not mercerised, this yarn is lovely and soft and the yarn colour is beautiful. I know I am basically repeating what I have already said but I love this yarn, the finish is beautiful which I am sure you can see from the photos and I would happily recommend it to anyone that wants to use 4ply yarn :-).

I will now compare this yarn to other 4ply yarns I have used, as I know this can be helpful and give you an idea of what this yarn is like. I am afraid the only 4ply yarn I have used before this is DMC Natura Just Cotton, as I don’t think comparing the hand dyed yarn I have on 4ply which is mostly dyed on some pima cotton will be that helpful. I know there are more 4ply yarns on the market but I haven’t had a chance to use it and to be honest when I started using DMC Natura Just Cotton I didn’t really feel the need to try others as I liked using it and I loved the results it gave to my projects. So I am sorry I only have one to compare for you, firstly the main difference between the two is that DMC Natura Just Cotton (I’ll refer to this as DMC from now on to keep it simple)  is a mercerised cotton and Three Bears Yarn 4ply isn’t. I would say that DMC is slightly thicker yarn weight wise than Three Bears Yarn but I am not sure this will cause any problems when making your projects as I don’t think it’s by much. From working with both yarns I would say that DMC is a slightly splitty yarn whereas Three Bears Yarn isn’t but over all it’s not too bad and once your used to working with it it’s not that bad (as you can probably tell as it’s the main 4ply yarn I have used up till now). These are the main differences that I can think of and with DMC being mercerised it is going to be different to Three Bears Yarn. They are both good 4ply yarns in my opinion and both have something to offer, I think it comes down to whether you want mercerised yarn or not. When I first bought 4ply yarn and decided on DMC I had no choice that it was mercerised, as a lot of cotton in this weight category is. So I am really delighted to find Three Bears Yarn 4ply yarn as it means I now have a choice and I don’t have to use mercerised yarn if I don’t want too :-). If I was to compare Three Bears Yarn to the hand dyed pima cotton yarn I mentioned I would say it’s different, as the cotton is different. I do love pima cotton yarn and I have found from the hand dyed yarn I have that it’s a lovely soft yarn and it’s a nice stable yarn that isn’t splitty. I don’t know what brand of yarn this is as it’s a base yarn that the hand dyers have dyed on and it’s something I only generally buy when I am buying hand dyed yarn so it’s probably not the best to compare with. I would say it’s slightly thicker if anything but it can vary a bit as I think sometimes the hand dyers are using different brands of this yarn, which is why it’s not the best to compare too.

So over all I would say that the 4ply yarn from Three Bears Yarn does compare up really well and if anything performs just as well if not better than other known brands out there. I think for me personally it’s one of my favourites although I can still see myself using DMC Natura Just Cotton, but that really comes down to the fact that it is different as it’s mercerised so for certain projects I might think this is best. I can see myself using Three Bears Yarn 4ply a lot and most likely my main choice over all plus it does have one really huge bonus that’ll mention in a moment.

I’d like to mention one more thing which I think is a huge bonus to using this yarn, and you might remember me saying this if you have read my other reviews. What is this you ask? Three Bears Yarn offer the following yarn weights; 4ply, DK and Aran and in this range they offer the same colours. This means that you could make projects with multiple yarn weights and you know the colours would match, as they even mention on their website that their colours are closely colour matched. This is a huge bonus in my opinion and it’s something that would make me choose them over another company when I buy my yarn for certain projects. Let me share an example with you…

[You might want to skip this part if you saw my other sample reviews, as it’s the same info]

As you might know I choose to make a Huggy Monster with my aran weight sample and I made the original one from the pattern. The pattern also includes how to make the rest of the family and when I saw the designers photo of the family how could I resist?

Photo Copyright: Smartapple Creations / Maarja Härsing-Värk. **Clicking on this photo will take you to the designers website.**

As you can see from the designers photo above her yarn shades have had to vary slightly, this is because as far as I know no other company offers the same colour range across different weights of yarn. For me to make a monster family like above I will need a DK weight for Mummy and a 4ply weight for the baby and thanks to Three Bears Yarn I will be able to buy exactly the same colour yarn to make them :-) meaning they will all colour match. Isn’t this the best bonus ever? It’s certainly something that makes me really happy and excited :-) and also I know I’d struggle if the colours didn’t match due to my OCD. So this fantastic bonus makes my OCD very happy and I can’t wait to make the rest of my monster family now!

[You can start reading now if you skipped the above section.]

Since writing the above as this review is a bit later than planned, I have bought the yarn needed to complete my monster family. I am really looking forward to making them and it’s just a matter of finding the time. As soon as I have made them I will come back and share them with you 🙂 and as you can see from this I am already starting to buy their yarn, and choose it over other available yarns.

Three Bears Yarn launched on the 1st of October, and you can currently buy their yarn directly from their website! I’ve already bought some yarn as I’d like to finish my monster family (and a few other projects too) and when I do I will come back to show you. One of the best things about this company (apart from it being cotton yarn) is the same colours across several weights of yarn, that as far as I know no other company does. So I’d like to say a big thank you to them for offering this fantastic service :-) as it’s definitely going to make a huge difference in the outcome of my monster family and other projects too!

Below is photos of their yarn range that they launched with and with a few details you might like to know;

Affection – A versatile range of 100% cotton yarns in DK, 4PLY and Aran weights, available in 50g balls and 225g cones. **Click on photo to go to their website**

Please note since the launch they have released some new colours to the range and will continue to do so.

Chenille – A range of luxurious 100% cotton chenille yarn in DK weight available in 7 striking colours on 225g cone or 50g ball. **Click on the photo to go to their website*

The pricing structure for this yarn is done differently to most companies, it will be the same cost whether you buy 4ply, DK or aran and its sold per weight. 50g balls at £3.49 and 225g cones at £10.99. These prices are correct at the time of this  blog post.

50g balls; Aran 85m, DK 169m, 4ply 225m and DK Chenille 101m.

225g cones; Aran 380m, DK 760m, 4ply 1,125m and DK Chenille 454m.


One last thing before I end this review, I’d like to mention cost as I do think for most people this affects their yarn purchases. As you can see from above I have mentioned the cost of the yarn and it’s the same price whether you choose DK or 4ply for example. I have also included how many metres of yarn is included per ball or cone (information supplied by Three Bears Yarn) and this helps when comparing prices to other yarns on the market.

I have just reviewed their 4ply weight yarn, which is currently available for sale at £3.49 for 50g/225m and £10.99 for 225g/1,125m. Earlier in my review I mentioned what other cotton 4ply yarns I use which are DMC Natura Just Cotton and Pima Cotton. When it comes to comparing price I can only compare the DMC yarn because as I explained before when I mentioned the Pima Cotton that is harder to compare as it’s a yarn base that is used with some of my hand dyed yarn so it’s an unknown brand and I am not aware of the costing’s. There is great news when it comes to comparing DMC Natura Just Cotton to Three Bears Yarn 4ply, it’s really great value for money as you are getting more meterage for your 50g ball (70 metres more!). For me personally this is great news and I can see myself choosing Three Bears Yarn 4ply even more now :-), I love that I am generally getting more meterage for my money as it means my yarn goes that bit further. I will mention below the costs of the other yarns I use and their stats for easy comparison;

DMC Natura Just Cotton 100% Cotton Yarn

50g/155m. Current Price WW £3.49 LK £3.55 PLC £2.99

Prices taken from Wool Warehouse, Love Knitting and Purplelinda Crafts. Prices correct at time of the blog post.

I thought you might also find it useful if I compared per 100 metres, as both yarns vary in metres per ball and this shows a clearer view of the price if you compare them both.

100 metres of yarn would work out at WW £2.25, LK £2.29 and PLC £1.92

These prices are based on the prices per ball as mentioned in the section above.

Three Bears Yarn 4ply works out at £1.55 for 1oom.

From those comparisons above it’s now a lot easier to see the price comparison between DMC Natura Just Cotton and Three Bears Yarn. As you can see the costs are varied but overall it has shown that for value for money Three Bears Yarn is excellent and if you look at the higher cost then it looks even better.

I hope you have found this review helpful, I did question whether to include how I feel about the price and what the prices were but after thinking about it I decided it was important to include. When I do a review I think about what my readers would like to know and that if I was looking at this review as a reader what would I want to know. I’ve seen reviews that do include prices and ones that don’t and what I noticed from the comments on these reviews is most wanted to know about price and what the reviewer felt about it. If you have any other questions about this yarn that I have not mentioned please free to ask and if I can help I will :-).

Well this is my last review for Three Bears Yarn for the time being, as I have now reviewed all 4 yarns that they gave me to sample and review. I have really enjoyed trying out their yarn and I am delighted I now have more options, it really has opened up my choices and to be honest I can now see their yarn becoming one of my mainly used yarns for cotton projects. I am looking forward to all the projects I already have planned with their yarn and I am sure many more to come too. I have to say I have loved trying them all but my absolute favourite has been their chenille yarn, I think this is because I’ve never used a yarn like this before and it’s amazing plus it’s cotton too (a lot of chenille yarn I have seen isn’t, it’s usually polyester for example). I really am excited about all the things I can make with this beautiful yarn and I can’t wait to share them with you, as you can tell I love their yarn and I would happily recommend it to everyone.

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x

Disclaimer: These are my own honest opinions and I have not been paid by Three Bears Yarn to write this review. They have provided the yarn samples free of charge but there was no conditions attached to this. It’s been my pleasure to test and share the results of these yarn samples with you.