My Finished Round Ruffle Cushion

Hello 🙂

As promised I am here to share with you my finished Round Ruffle Cushion that I made using my samples of Three Bears Yarn; Rosie’s Acrylic Slub. I am sorry this blog post is a little later than I planned, it’s been such a battle with my health and even now I am not in a very good place but I am determined to do some blogging :-).

You might remember the lovely cones of beautiful yarn that I got sent from Three Bears Yarn? I couldn’t wait to try this Acrylic Slub again but this time in some colours 🙂 and ones I had helped choose as well so I was super excited (find out more about my involvement here). Originally I had planned another project to test out this yarn but I had problems with the pattern so had to put that aside for another time so I choose another option that I thought would be perfect for this yarn 🙂 and I am so glad I did as it looks amazing.

The pattern I choose was called Round Ruffle Cushion by Emma Escott (Lulu Loves) and as you know the yarn I used was Rosie’s Acrylic Slub from Three Bears Yarn. I decided to pick just a few colours from my selection of colours and went for Fuchsia, Primrose and Blue Poppy. They looked so lovely together and I loved seeing this cushion grow as you got to see more of the colour repeats, the colours are so bright and happy so I couldn’t help smiling whilst I worked.

I loved the effects of the slub yarn and the effect it gave to this cushion, it really added to the texture and the over all look so I was really happy with how it was turning out. As soon as I first saw a pattern like the one I used I just knew this yarn would be perfect for a project like this and it was lovely to see I was right and how good it was looking. The three colours I choose were working perfectly together and I loved how it was turning out :-). I couldn’t help but love the back of side 1 as well as the front and I did think it was sad that you wouldn’t see that once the cushion was made. So instead of doing a solid colour back like the pattern did I decided to do the same design as the front so I would get the look of the back of side 1 for side 2 which is the back of the cushion, by this I mean following the pattern but doing the same colour rows as the front rather than just doing it all in one colour (I hope I am making sense?). I am so glad I did this and I love how my cushion turned out!

This cushion was easy to make as I basically made two sides and then crocheted them together and near the end I left a gap big enough to slide in my cushion. I managed to pick up a cushion at Wool Warehouse for only a few pounds and it was perfect for the job 🙂 I did need to do a little re-shaping though but it wasn’t long till I got it looked how I wanted. I must admit I do think it would be great if this cushion cover was designed in a way that it could be removed for washing but that is my only gripe about it, in fact when I sewed in the last section I have done it in a way I know I could remove my yarn end and undo enough to remove the cushion. I didn’t actually do this for washing purposes though as this really isn’t the ideal way for that, I did it because I am hoping to get a plain fabric cushion cover to add to the cushion at some point. Over all I love my cushion cover but the perfectionist in me would like a nice plain white fabric cover as the design of the cushion cover does mean it’s a bit gappy, especially at the back so I do think it would look even better if I did this.

Now onto some photos 🙂 at first this was a rather hard cushion to photograph and show off to it’s best. We started by taking some in my bedroom on a chair I had in my room, the photos looked OK but I really felt it wasn’t doing the cushion justice and showing off just how beautiful it was. I had a brain storm with my husband and we came up with another location to photograph the cushion and this time the results were much better :-). Finally some good photos of this cushion and it really does show off how beautiful it is. I am so pleased I now have some better photos to share with you so that you can see the cushion I see with my own eyes. All I would say is the back of the cushion (side 2) hasn’t photographed as well as I would like but then when you see the close up photo of it then you do get to see it look how I see it at home :-).

Please note the above photos are thumbnails so if you would like to see a bigger version of any of these photos click on the one you would like and it will take you to the full size photograph.

Would you like to know more about this project? Maybe you’d like to see some more photos like the ones I took whilst I was working on it or maybe you’d like to know how much yarn I used or a link to the pattern? Well that is no problem as all that information in on my Ravelry project page which is public viewable 🙂 just click here and you’ll be taken straight there. Any more questions? just ask and I’ll happily help out where I can.

I really hope you have enjoyed seeing this finished project, I have so many more plans with this lovely yarn and I cannot wait to share them with you. In fact I only recently finished another project with this yarn and I have just posted photos on my Instagram, which also copies over to Twitter and my Facebook Page so if you want to see more go check it out. I am falling more and more in love with this yarn, the more I create the more I fall for it <3 and I hope if you have the chance to try it too that you love it just as much.

If I had to sum up this yarn I would have to say it felt more like working with a premium special grade yarn than it did acrylic, I had to keep reminding myself what it was and even then it was hard to believe as the finish and look was unlike any acrylic I have ever used!

Take care and I’ll be back soon for the other post I promised you (photos of Rosie’s Acrylic Slub in their official retail packaging, including photos of Red Rose which you haven’t seen yet!).

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x