I am sorry I went quiet again – I got the flu!

Hello there,

I just wanted to do a quick post to give you all an update, as you may have noticed my blog has become quiet again and not had the posts you might have expected (and I promised). Unfortunately back in February I caught the Flu and this really hit me badly and I am only finally now recovered, although sadly it has had a knock on affect of my usual health so that is frustrating. Anyway…

I am sorry this means I am behind on some posts, the only good part of this means that you will see plenty of blog posts over these next few weeks as I catch up as I have some great things to show you including a review about Three Bears Yarn Marl Cotton Yarn that I trialled which is coming this week.

Hopefully you have been following me over on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so you know what has been going on. I wasn’t able to post the information about February’s Raffle like I usually would, as it took everything I had to get the post up on my husband’s blog and then do the Raffle page. I do hope none of you missed out because of this and I promise you from now on that a post about the monthly raffles will always be on my blog as well.

Well I best go as I planned on keeping this short and sweet as I am still not feeling very well and I am getting exhausted extremely easily (more so than usual). I am still recovering from the Flu, well the Flu has finally left me but I am recovering from the damage it has done to my normal health which as you know is not good. It was also my birthday this past weekend so that has taken it out of me as well, well not that I was able to do much but I have been very ill this weekend. Anyway let’s not get into doom and gloom, I am focussing on the positives and that is that I am now able to get back to more crochet as during the Flu it was hard doing much. Thankfully I was only a day late in getting March’s #amigurumicharityrun challenge character made and this will be one of the posts you’ll see up this week as I always share my monthly character that I have made here with you :-).

Oops I carried on a bit longer than I planned but I really am going now. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming blog posts as I have a lot of different things to post about so hopefully plenty to keep you all interested.

Take care and Happy Crafting,

Rosie x