POLL: Which Amigurumi character would you like to see for June’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?

Hello Again 🙂

Firstly I know my blog needs a really good update and some catch up posts and I wish I’d been able to do them before this one, but time (or my health) hasn’t been on my side and I really need to look at starting the next character soon as last time it was way too close for my liking (i.e I wasn’t even able to have the character ready for the first day of the run). From now on I hope to run next month’s p0ll two weeks into each month as this way I have more time, if I am extra organised I might even do it earlier than this.

Anyway that aside, let’s get onto what this post is all about and that is your chance to have a say about the next Amigurumi character. The last poll gave you a choice of both themes (Marvel and Star Wars) as then we were pretty equal to the two, this time however we have had more Star Wars themed characters so for this poll we’ve kept it to Marvel. I hope you all agree that it would be nice to get a fairly even share of both themes this year and so that is what we are trying to do.

We have chosen some new Marvel Options for you this month and we hope you will like the choices. Below is a slideshow of your options as we are aware you cannot see them as clearly on the poll which is further down;

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The Patterns for Marvel are by Kati Galusz and are from the Marvel Universe Crochet Kit.

Star Lord 2 ( 33.33 % )
Thor 4 ( 66.67 % )
Black Widow 0 ( 0 % )

Please note that I have used the photographs from my pattern booklet so they are copyright of the designers. When I create my version they will look a little different as I am using cotton so please bare in mind these are just a guide.

Please place your vote by Monday 22nd of May 9PM GMT +1. The winner will be announced shortly after.

Thanks for taking part and if you have any questions please ask,

Rosie and Duncan