June’s Amigurumi Character for #amigurumicharityrun


Well June is here and that means a new Amigurumi character for our #amigurumicharityrun challenge. If you voted in the poll you’ll already know the character or maybe you’ve already seen him on social media but for those that haven’t this month’s character is…Thor!!!!

Thank you to all those who voted in the poll, it’s always exciting to see what you have chosen. In fact I’ll be running the next poll for next month in a few days as then it gives me plenty of time to make the new character :-). For those that didn’t see the Poll the choices were Star Lord, Thor and Black Widow and Thor was a popular choice!

Below are some photos of Thor, I hope you like him as much as we do;

I made Thor using a crochet kit called Marvel Universe Crochet by Kati Gálusz (I only used the book) . I used my favourite cotton to make him, Three Bears Yarn Affection 100% Cotton aran weight and a little of their DK weight. They had the ideal colours that I needed and I used; Pitch Black, Silver Grey, Peaches n Cream, Poppy Red and Mellow Yellow. I used a little DK yarn to make those Rondels (circles) you see on the front of his body which I partly sewed and glued on to get the best results. Other than this I used a little cotton thread for the mouth and 5mm toy safety eyes to create him. Oh and I used my Addi Swing Crochet hooks to make him, I mostly used 3.25mm but I did use 2mm for the Rondels and 3.5mm for the helmet. He measures 4.5 inches in height which is a little bigger than the book states which is most likely because of the yarn I have used. I really loved making him, he was really lovely to create especially when it came to putting him together. If you love Marvel characters I can definitely recommend this kit :-).

If you’d like to see my project on Ravelry here is a link, you don’t need to be a member of Ravelry to see this.

This month we are raising for Support Dogs, it’s a great charity that helps those with a disability, epilepsy and autism. Those needing a disability assistance dog can have help to train their own pet dog which is a part of their charity we have always liked, in fact we had hoped to do this with me but unfortunately my health took a turn for the worst so travelling down to the centre was no longer an option. For more information check out their website, they are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Before I go, in case your a new viewer to my blog and don’t know what this challenge is about you can find out more here. It’s a collaboration I am doing with my husband and we are raising money for charity at the same time. Thor is really looking forward to helping out raising money for such a great charity, you even have a chance to win him at the end of the month as part of a raffle we hold during the last week of the month (I will do a blog post here about the raffle every month and the link to get tickets). Don’t forget we have a general donation page where you can donate any time, just select that month’s charity and don’t forget if your a UK tax payer click that box as it means the charity gets even more money :-). You might like to donate because you enjoy seeing the daily posts with the Amigurumi character or because of the running my husband is doing as he has committed to running a minimum of 5K every single day with no breaks. Of course if you have any questions please ask 🙂 and we hope you enjoy following our challenge throughout this year.

If you would like to donate to this month’s charity Support Dogs here is the link.

I’ll leave you with some more photos of Thor, he was a pleasure to make and don’t forget to check out his daily adventures when running with my husband which you can see on his instagram account (copies also go to twitter and Facebook).

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Thank you for checking out this post and I do apologise that it’s been published a bit later than I planned, I started it earlier and it’s taken me till now to finish. I am aware I have missed previous month’s introductions and I’ll be working hard to back date these posts in case you want to be able to look back at previous #amigurumicharityrun characters.

Don’t forget to look out for the next poll to have your say on which character you’d like to see for next month, it’s coming up tomorrow :-).

Happy Crafting

Rosie x