June Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Thor and his friend The Hulk!

We are really sorry that June’s Raffle is so late and we cannot apologise enough about this. As you might know my wife has been getting even worse with her health and I have had to have some time off as well due to injury and illness so overall it’s been a hard month. Anyway the Raffle is finally ready and all we can do is say sorry for the delay and that we’ll be working hard to make sure it’s never this late again!

Below is what you need to do to have a chance to win the Amigurumi Character Thor, that I have been running with throughout June. This month we also have another lovely extra for you, it’s Thor’s best friend The Hulk. Not the Hulk himself obviously but an Amigurumi Character of him. Read on to find out more!

June’s Amigurumi Charity Run Raffle!

The Charity we are Fundraising for

During June we are fundraising for Support Dogs UK, so all proceeds from this raffle is going directly to them. The raffle is being held on Justgiving so all donations go directly to them, it also means they get to put your donation to good use much quicker.

If you’d like to know more about Support Dogs UK and the great work they do please check out their website here and we do have a section about them on our blog post about this charity challenge here (opens in a new tab/window).

How to enter the Raffle?

1.) Go to this justgiving.com fundraising page, set up specifically for June’s Raffle. You need to do it on this page and not any of the other ones we have set up, as this page as been set to allow raffles.

2.) You get a ticket into the raffle for every £1 you donate (if you donate in another currency we will round it to the nearest pound, although you should be able to select the currency you donate in so if possible please select GBP), so the more you donate the more tickets you get. Please include your name or something we can identify you by when donating, this is important so that we can track your raffle ticket(s). If your on Instagram if your able to mention your username this is to your benefit, as when we announce the winner on Instagram we can tag you. You should have the option for display name and real name, if possible put your instagram name as display name or if not possible use notes. Thanks.

When donating PLEASE remember that once your donation has gone through to tick the box alongside “I’m happy to be contacted by” JustGiving can then share your contact details with us. This is very important as this is how we can get in touch with you about the raffle.

3.) The Raffle will end on Sunday the 9th of July 2017 (this is a little later than usual given we are later in starting the raffle, this is to give a full week for entry into the raffle) and after this date we will then collaborate all the entries into a spreadsheet to give each ticket a number.

4.) We will email you with your ticket number(s), so please make sure you provide your details when you donate.

5.) We will draw the winner within a few days of the Raffle closing, the winner will be drawn as quickly as possible (it all depends on how long it takes to sort out the raffle tickets). The winner is drawn randomly by using a random generator to keep it fair, and we will show the drawing on our Instagram accounts where the winner will be announced (the winner will also get an email to inform them they have won, so it’s very important you share this information when you donate). The winner has a week to come forward and claim the prize, if they don’t another draw will take place until the prize is claimed.

6.) The prize will be sent to the winner within a week of getting their contact details, and again we will send you an email to let you know your prize is on the way and the shipping details.

FREE P&P is included within this raffle, as the cost will be covered by us. This includes worldwide, so no matter where you live you can join in with the raffle.

What does the prize include?

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  • Amigurumi Character, Thor (including his Hammer) that you have seen daily in the photos throughout June.
  • Another Amigurumi Character, Thor’s Best Friend The Hulk.
  • A laminated card with the dates and distance he has been on during his adventures, as well as which charity he is fundraising for. (approx. the size of a business card, an example is included from a previous month so you can see what they look like)
  • A leaflet about Support Dogs, their official magazine and two balloons from the charity (this is the charity we are raising for during June).

This Amigurumi Character is not suitable for children and is recommended for display purposes only. It has been made from 100% British Cotton from Three Bears Yarn in Lancashire, England and has been stuffed with fibrefill. Toy safety eyes have been used so please be careful around young children. If you have any further questions about materials used please ask.

Please note the extra Amigurumi Character has still been made with 100% cotton, just a different brand as they had the colours needed for this character.

Thor and The Hulk was made using a pattern by Kati Galusz from Marvel Universe Crochet Kit.

Next month (July) we are fundraising for Unicef and then we will be back raising money for Support Dogs in August.

Well I think we have remembered everything and we hope that you have enjoyed following along with the adventures of Thor throughout the month of June. Below are a few photos from his adventures this month and if you’d like to see them all then check out Island Runner’s Instagram account where you can see them all, or search under the hashtag #amigurumicharityrun (they are also on his facebook page and twitter).

Hover over these photos to see what day they were, and if you want to see a bigger version click on the photo.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will reply as quickly as we can. Don’t forget you can get a ticket for £1, it doesn’t matter how many tickets you can afford as all money raised will make a big difference to Support Dogs so they can continue to help those that need assistance dogs. If your not able to take part in the raffle this time please know you can still help, you can do this by spreading the word. So please share this blog post or our posts on our social media accounts so that others can find out about this raffle too and hopefully we can end the month with some more money for Support Dogs. Thank you.

Rosie and Duncan

*This post has been cross posted to my husband’s blog.