Pattern Testing Bubbles the Baby Giraffe for Melissa’s Crochet Patterns

Hello All,

I am sorry this post is a little later than I hoped but life has been pretty difficult lately, anyway I am not here to talk about that so let’s talk pattern testing :-). I was asked by Melissa’s Crochet Patterns if I would like to test her new pattern called Bubbles The Baby Giraffe and I jumped at it as it was an adorable pattern that I knew would look amazing in cotton. This is my first time pattern testing for her and I was excited!

I first started by choosing my colour palate for my Giraffe and I had some colours in mind, so I went through my stash to see if I could find them. I didn’t have enough in the yarn colours I wanted but luckily I did have the colours I wanted in DK that was already double stranded for me so that was perfect (the DK cotton I use is thin so double stranded it’s more like the Aran weight the yarn company does). I wanted to use Baby Blue as the main colour for my Giraffe as my plan after testing was to gift this to my friend’s baby nephew so I wanted to be certain baby boy colour for him. I ended up using Baby Blue and Pure White in DK double stranded, and then Silver Grey and Mellow Yellow in aran weight yarn. They worked together perfectly without noticing any difference which was great. It’s not something I usually like to do as I like to keep all the yarn the same on a project but I didn’t really have time to order in more yarn so I made it work with what I had :-).

After sorting out my colours, caking any yarn that I needed I was ready to go 🙂 and I was very eager to make a start. I started this pattern on July the 12th and worked on it every day until it was finished. I finished a bit later than I wanted on July the 21st, it’s been a difficult few weeks so it took me a bit longer than usual. It was a pleasure to pattern test this pattern and I reported any issues to the designer. It’s a lovely pattern and was really easy to do, so I had very little issues and it was great when I saw it finished as my Giraffe looked fantastic!

I thought I would share some work in progress photos with you below, as I love seeing a project come together don’t you?

These are thumbnails, If you’d like to see these photos larger click on them.

Now that you have seen this pattern being made I thought you’d like to see what he looks like finished. These are photos we took when doing the final photoshoot and I am pretty pleased with the photos we managed to get.

These are thumbnails, If you’d like to see these photos larger click on them.

I forgot to do a video at the same time but I will be doing this soon so I’ll come back and share this later.

I thought I would finish up by sharing the details of this project and if you have any questions please ask :-). It was a joy to make and I love the results so much, in fact I am hoping to make another soon in a baby girl theme and already have an idea on colours. I am juggling a few other projects so I don’t know when I will make it yet but I’ll be sure to share my second Giraffe with you when I do.

Pattern: Bubbles The Baby Giraffe by Melissa’s Crochet Patterns.

Yarn: Affection 100% DK Cotton (double stranded) in the following colours; Baby Blue and Pure White. Affection 100% Aran Cotton in the following colours; Silver Grey, Mellow Yellow and a little Mermaid Cove.

If you’d like to check out the pattern yourself here is a direct link to buy it on Ravelry. It’s available in English and Dutch language.

Here is a link to the designers Facebook Page should you want to follow her/check here out there as well.

If you’d like to use the same cotton as I did (I suggest the aran weight only) then here is a link to their website where you can buy their yarn in their shop.


I use Ravelry to log all my projects so if you’d like to see the details for this project click here (opens in a new window, it’s public viewable so you don’t have to be a member of Ravelry to view).

Well I think that is everything and I hope you have enjoyed reading all about me testing this pattern. Next time I won’t take as long to blog about it I promise, in fact I have just finished the next pattern I have tested for her and as soon as the finished photoshoot is done I’ll be here writing a blog post all about it :-).

Feel free to share this post and I am happy to recommend this pattern to you. It’s a lovely pattern to do and I can highly recommend making it in cotton as it looks amazing. Any questions feel free to get in touch and of course as with all patterns that Melissa sells she offers support if you should need any.

Happy Crafting,

Rosie x