It’s been a while…

Hello *waves*

I am sorry my blog has been quiet for so long and I hope those that follow me are still around 🙂 and hello to any new followers too. I am really hoping to change my blog from being quiet to active again so I hope you can all bare with me whilst I do this.

It’s been a really tough few months and sadly my health took a turn for the worst. It’s been really hard as I went from being able to manage some crochet most days to none, and the timing couldn’t have been worse. At first I missed it and then as time went on I didn’t, as I just felt so ill the want/need to pick up my hook just went. You could say through my bad health of not being able to crochet I lost my crochet mojo but I was determined not to lose it for good, so I decided I had to do something. My health still wasn’t good but I decided I’d try to pick up my hook again, doing just a little at a time and slowly building up to more crochet again. I still wasn’t really feeling it but I knew from when this happened before if I kept working at it it would come back. I wouldn’t say I am quite there yet but I feel it slowly returning and I know in time it will 🙂 until then I won’t give up.

I don’t have much to update you on as I really haven’t been able to do much. The last few weeks I have had the pleasure of pattern testing some hats for one of my favourite crochet designers, which really has been helping me on the road to getting my crochet mojo back. These hats were a perfect way for me to start picking up my hook again, as they were not taxing on me and I could easily split them into short sessions. I must admit it did feel great to finish something again 😀 and the hats really are beautiful. Posts to follow on these lovely hats I made. I do have quite a list of things I have to make, as I am behind from not doing crochet for a while. I don’t think I’ll manage everything especially as it’s taking me much longer to complete patterns now but I’ll do what I can and focus on the most important ones.

I think the only thing that I do have to update you on is our year charity challenge, some of you may have noticed we stopped. I will do a separate post all about this soon as I didn’t want to make this post all about this. Long story short though, the main reason we did it was to raise money for charity and sadly what we were raising was decreasing a lot. As both my husband and I were putting a lot of time and energy into it, when our days are already hard going it just made no sense to continue. We still raised some good money for charity though even if it didn’t totally go to plan like we hoped. Keep an eye out for a full post coming up on this shortly.

I don’t think I have much else to say, I am still not doing well sadly and in fact as I write this I am going through a particularly hard week. I have been desperate to get a blog post up for a while now to let you know what was going on and so that’s my main reason for this post today. I really do want to blog more, I always created this place to share what I was up too and I miss that I’ve not been able to do this. I know my health is still bad so you might wonder how I plan to do this? Well recently I reminded myself it doesn’t all have to be done in one go, I can do it in small steps just like I’ve been doing other tasks lately. This way i can still do the blog posts I’d like, it just means I write them in small sections with breaks so if it takes a few days to write that’s ok. The main thing I have to remember is I don’t have to do it all at once and make myself ill doing it. So this is what I plan to do and this hopefully means you hear from me more often 😀 I’m hoping for a least a few posts a month and I’ll see how I go. I hope your all on board with me and that you’ll enjoy the blog posts I manage to post!

I have some great blog posts lined up and I can’t wait to share them with you :-). Some will be recent things I’d love to share with you and some will be blog posts I’m behind on and never finished I.e sitting in my drafts folder. I have many things to share with you that I hope you will enjoy reading, from yarn reviews to sharing beautiful patterns I’ve had the opportunity to pattern test. If you’d like to keep up with my blog posts I have an email subscription option on the right hand sidebar and I’m also on bloglovin’ (link also in my sidebar). I’ll also do a post on Instagram whenever a new blog post goes up too 🙂 so I hope this helps and will mean you don’t miss my posts which are hopefully about to become more regular.

One last thing I’d like to mention, just before my health took a turn for the worst I was in the middle of making a lovely Amigurumi Dragon. You may remember this if you saw my Instagram posts about it? I was making this Dragon especially for a charity auction and I wasn’t quite ready in time so I put it up as to be completed soon. Little did I know then I was about to take a turn for the worse, which meant I wasn’t well enough to crochet. It’s very rare that this happens to me especially for a long period of time and I did feel awfully bad knowing I had the Dragon to complete as it was won in the auction. Luckily the winner was very understanding and supportive and said I could take all the time I needed. This helped me to rest when I needed too without stressing out and then to slowly build myself up to being able to crochet again. So as you can understand my main priority right now is finishing this Dragon as the lady has been waiting a long time. Lately I have been doing small sessions and resting as it is harder on me than say making hats. I am really hopeful that I can finish this Dragon soon as a lot of detail and most timely parts are done. It’s nice to finally see it coming together and more quickly too. The Dragon is looking great and it will be a huge achievement for me when I’ve finished. I’ll be sharing some update photos on my Instagram tomorrow so you can get caught up with where I am now as it’s been ages since I last showed you. I will then keep you updated on how I get on but my aim is to have him finished in the next week or two max. I feel so bad that it’s taken me so long and I’m ever so grateful for her understanding. I hope you will all enjoy following along with my progress and once this Dragon is complete I look forward to sharing my other plans with you, as in what I hope to make before the year ends.

Well it’s time for me to say good-bye and get this post posted. I felt you all deserved an update before my blog resumed 🙂 so stay tuned as following this post today is the latest pattern I had the pleasure of pattern testing. I cannot wait to show you!

Thank you all for your support and I hope you’ll stay around for more regular content 🙂

Rosie x

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