Pattern Testing Winter Whispers Hat and Cowl Crochet Pattern for Kerry Jayne Designs


Today I have something a little different to share with you all 🙂 as I had the pleasure of testing a beautiful new crochet design by Kerry Jayne Designs. For those of you that know me, you know that I love her patterns a lot and they are often my go to patterns for hats especially when I often take part in the yearly Christmas Shoebox Appeal for charity. So I was delighted when I was asked recently if I could do some pattern testing for her, of course I said yes 🙂 and this is what I have been up to these past few weeks.

Today I am here to share her just released crochet pattern called Winter Whispers, which includes a pattern for the hat and matching cowl. Below is some photos of my first testing of this pattern set, I think you’ll all agree that it’s beautiful!

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

Please bare in mind that these photos above include the hat which was more of a prototype at that stage but I just had to share them with you so you could see the hat and cowl together :-). Don’t worry though, the hat hasn’t changed much and still looks just as beautiful. There has just been a few tweaks before the pattern was released and I tested that as well so I’ll share these photos with you too.

I really loved this new design, from the first moment Kerry contacted me and showed me what I would be testing. I couldn’t wait to test it and I have to say I had a lot of fun as it was a lovely design to make :-). It might look complex but I promise you it really isn’t and by this I mean in terms of making this pattern. So if your a beginner and really want to make this pattern you should be fine, as long as you’ve learnt the stitches you shouldn’t have any problems. The pattern is clearly written throughout and includes a helpful photo tutorial. Whether beginner or experienced you’ll soon get the hang of this new design, when it comes to the hat once you’ve made the beginning rounds it’s mostly about repeating the same few rows until you get the size you need.

I love a pattern where I can really get into the flow and I think you’ll find this as you’ll soon know what you are doing and only need to take the occasional look at the pattern.

This pattern is available in both US and UK terms so you can choose what you prefer to work with 🙂 for me it’s US terms as that is how I learnt to crochet and I still find most patterns are in this form so it’s easier for me (I can follow UK terms if needed). You’ll also find the pattern also includes sizes from Preemie all the way up to Adult Large, so your certain to find the sizes you need :-). This pattern is also easy to adapt, the instructions include how to make the hat longer if say you’d like a slouchy look and of course you can choose whether you add a pom pom or not.

There are so many ways to make this hat your own, right down to the colour you choose and just by changing colour this hat can be suitable for both girls and boys :-). I tested some of the hat sizes in some different colours so you can see exactly what I mean, it makes the perfect boy hat too as I even made a size to fit on my newborn size reborn baby boy Noah and he looked adorable in his (photos of him wearing this hat to follow shortly).

I nearly forgot to tell you about the cowl, silly me. I loved making this and it didn’t take long for me to work up either :-). I made the standard size because I had plans of what I’d like to do with the hat and cowl set once I had made it (I wanted to add it with the hat into a charity shoebox and this set was going in a girl teen box and I needed to keep the bulk down so it would fit), but the pattern does include how to increase the height of it if you’d like. It’s easy to make and I love how it matches the hat really well. It would look great in any colour and make a great set for a child all the way up to adult. I will share some photos of my finished cowl below;

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

Click HERE to see my Ravelry Project Page on this Cowl.

I think the last thing to mention is further details of my projects, and by this I mean all that I have made from this pattern. If you know me I log every crochet project on my Ravelry and I have done exactly the same with these. This way you get the chance to see my work in progress photos as well as the finished photos as well, what yarn I used and how much I needed to make that size and any notes or tips I had when making the pattern. So if you have seen these photos and want to know more about any of these projects this is where you’ll find this information :-).

One thing I always log as I know how helpful it can be, is how much yarn do I actually need? Well I am always as accurate as possible when it comes to how much yarn I use but do remember how much you use will depend on your tension so I’d recommend using them as a guide and making sure you have a bit more to spare. All I will say is that the pattern mentions you need a ball of each yarn but you won’t need to use the whole ball of each yarn/colour. In my case I often found my ball of yarn would make more than one hat, so if you are baring in mind cost for buying in the materials or even wanting to use your stash then I wanted you to know that most likely you’ll be able to make more than one :-). I have made several sizes so far so hopefully the yarn amounts I have shared with these will give you some idea of how far your yarn will go, just remember it’s all based on what sizes you make as to how much you can make from the yarn :-D.

Before sharing some more photos with you and of course the links to the ravelry projects I have just mentioned as well as links to where you can buy the pattern I’d like to mention one more thing.

  • Don’t forget when making this pattern to spend the time doing the gauge square first. This really is important and not a step you want to skip because otherwise you could find your hat will not fit (it doesn’t matter as much for the Cowl). Everyone can have different tensions so it’s important to find out what hook you need with the yarn you are using to match the designers. It doesn’t take long to make and it’s worth it in the long road as there is nothing more depressing than finishing a hat and finding it’s too big or small. For example if I hadn’t done my gauge first I wouldn’t of known that my stitches are higher than the designer so my hat could of turned out too long. By doing the gauge I knew the best hook to use, which in the end was the same as she recommended but I knew I had to decrease the height of my stitches. Don’t forget if you make the hat several times and change the yarn you use you need to do it again, because the yarn you use can change your results too 🙂


Well I have spoken for long enough so lets end this post with some more photos and important links!

At the beginning I mentioned that I made the teen size hat again, in the same pink yarn as the first I made was more of a prototype where as the one below is following the pattern you would be buying. So this is how it looks if you follow her pattern and match the gauge, as you’ll see it still looks the same but the fit is much better :-).

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

Click HERE for my Ravelry project page for this hat above.


This is the next hat I made, this time testing a new size but also trying a new colour to show this hat can be perfect for boys too. This hat was made following the 9-12 months old size.

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

Click HERE for my Ravelry project for this hat above.


Now onto the last hat I tested, this time 0-3 months in size and using another colour yarn. I love this hat and later on I will be adding some more photos here showing my newborn size reborn baby Noah modelling it for you, as it’s a perfect way to show of how adorable this hat looks on him. Perfect colour for a boy or girl this time!

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

Click HERE for my Ravelry project page for the hat above.


Now onto the last photos I thought you’d love to see, all of the three hats above photographed together. I love how this shows that this crochet design looks great in any colour and size and can be perfect for all to wear :-).

*These photos are thumbnails so if you’d like to see a bigger version, click on the photo you’d like to see and you’ll be shown a bigger size.

It’s time for me to wrap up this post now as it’s already ended up longer than I expected. I hope you have enjoyed it though and liked seeing all the versions I have made of this lovely new pattern. Of course before I go I need to leave you with some important information so here it is below :-).


Where Can I buy this pattern?

Click HERE to purchase/view the pattern directly from her website.

Click HERE to purchase/view the pattern on Ravelry.

Click HERE to purchase/view the pattern on Etsy.

* These links are provided by the designer and could be subject to change. I have no financial gain in sharing these pattern links with you.

Just in case you aren’t tempted enough by my photos here are a few from the designer, as I thought they were too adorable not to share :-). Shared with permission.


Happy Crafting,

Rosie x

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