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I have started this page so I can share what I create with my friends and family, and anyone else who is interested. I love to craft and love all types of crafting, although sadly due to illness I am restricted with what I can do. I love to crochet and I find this one of the more manageable crafts for me. When my health allows I love card making and paper crafts 🙂 although I do find this takes a larger toll on my body. The inspiration behind the name bedcrafter, is because I have to craft from my bed due to being severely long term ill. I have been bed bound for many years now and the only way to craft is in bed. This is why I choose the name bedcrafter, as this is what I am. I hope to share all the things I make with you but also tips and tricks I have found a long the way. I have found several things that have been helpful when crafting from my bed, I'd like to be able to share this with others in the hope that this might help them if they are in the same boat. This page, my website and my other social networking sites are all a way of me sharing my crafting with you and other craft related things I'd like to share with you. I hope you enjoy what I share and maybe you even pick up on a few tips you didn't know before! Please bare in mind that I am very ill so I might not always be as active as I would like to be. I am hoping with the wonders of technology that I will be able to stay fairly active despite not being very well but know that if there is a period of quietness its just because I am struggling. Thank you!
Bedcrafter2 days ago
Photo 1 of 2: Update on the project I shared yesterday 🙂 Don't forget to swipe to see this project even further on!

This is an extra for June's #amigurumicharityrun Raffle and the Raffle will be up tomorrow evening (Wednesday). @thethoughtfulknitter was correct in guessing that I'm making The Hulk 😀 and I hope you'll all enjoy him as an extra to win along with Thor.

I am SO happy with how he is turning out as I must admit I was not keen on how he looked in my pattern book. It's amazing the difference cotton can make and it's one of the many reasons I love it for amigurumi :-). It gives a lovely stitch definition and has really brought this pattern to life. I felt like he had a character after I finished his legs and as you'll see from the second photo his body is looking great. I can't wait to add his head and arms tomorrow as he is looking so much better than I ever hoped (it's why I never put him as a poll option as I didn't think the pattern was that nice but wow what a difference cotton has made!). Oh and I'm so happy I changed his shorts colour, I had purple but I was thinking why purple as that wasn't what I thought when I think of The Hulk. I think of more earthy/natural tones for his trousers/shorts so when I found what I'd describe as karki green in my stash I knew it was the right colour to use. I hope from seeing these photos you agree as I think they suit him much better!

In case your wondering the only reason I am not using my favourite cotton is that they didn't have the right colours I needed and luckily I had the right colours in my stash by using Drops Muskat. I've been spoilt with Three Bears Yarn non splitty yarn though and I am missing it as this yarn as great as it looks isn't as easy to work with as the strands separate easily.

Well I best get some rest, I am still not doing well and had to sleep again this afternoon as the pain was so bad. I am really hoping these very bad days ease up soon and in the meantime all I can do is try to get through each day. I must admit although crochet is harder to do right now working on The Hulk this evening was a much welcomed distraction :-). Luckily the pattern hasn't been too hard to do either. #crochet #crochetwip #crochetmarvel #crochetthehulk #amigurumi #amigurumimarvel #amigurumithehulk #marveluniversecrochet #marvelcrochetkit #katigalusz #katigálusz #dropsyarn #dropsmuskat #dropsmuskatcotton #cotton #mercerisedcotton #cottonyarn #veganyarn #addiswing #addiswinghook #craftastherapy #crochetaddict #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram
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I had hoped to post this last night but I was too wiped out and it's taken till now as I've had to sleep most of the day. It sucks being worse at the moment...anyway 🙂

Yesterday was Film Sunday where hubby and I relax and do some films and of course I choose some crochet to do. Mostly I worked on my hand dyed blanket as I wasn't feeling up to doing much else however in the evening I started on a little project that will be an extra as part of June's #amigurumicharityrun raffle prize.

I'm not sure if you can guess what I'm making from these photos but I thought I'd share a sneak preview :-). I'm using this yarn as I had to search my stash for the right green and I think this one is a pretty good match. I hope to work on this again this evening despite being exhausted and I'll share another sneak preview to see if you can guess what I'm making :-).

Oh and I nearly forgot, I had a lovely #crochetcompanion last night ♡ and he was such a comfort to me. I love snuggles with Harley and even Angel decided she wanted to photo bomb! #crochet #crochetwip #amigurumi #dropsyarn #dropsmuskat #dropsmuskatcotton #cotton #mercerisedcotton #cottonyarn #veganyarn #craftastherapy #crochetaddict #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram #goldenretriever #goldenlove #goldensofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog
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Here is the next update of Captain America, the new amigurumi character for July's #amigurumicharityrun ☺.

He now has a head and I've made his cap. The next part is doing some embroidery for the face, cap and chest. I'm looking forward to doing the arms so he doesn't look so strange, the book does them at the end. I wasn't able to do much on him today so I'm not as far as I'd like but I hope you've still enjoyed this new update. I think he looks great with his cap on!

The pattern I'm using is by Kati Gàlusz from Marvel Universe Crochet Kit. The yarn is Three Bears Yarn Affection 100% Cotton Aran weight. I'll be back with more updates soon! #crochet #crochetmarvel #crochetcaptainamerica #amigurumi #amigurumimarvel #amigurumicaptainamerica #katigalusz #katigàlusz #marveluniversecrochet #threebearsyarn #cotton #cottonyarn #veganyarn #craftastherapy #crochetaddict #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram
Bedcrafter6 days ago
Sorry I'm a bit late in sharing this with you as I meant to put it up last night. I've been having a very bad few days so I'm a bit behind and I'll have a new update for you tomorrow.

Anyway here are the first few work in progress photos of Captain America which was the winner of the poll, and the new amigurumi character for July's #amigurumicharityrun ☺. The pattern is by Kati Gàlusz and I'm using Three Bears Yarn Affection 100% Cotton Aran weight yarn. More update photos coming tomorrow (as he now has a head!). #crochet #crochetwip #crochetmarvel #crochetcaptainamerica #amigurumi #amigurumimarvel #amigurumicaptainamerica #marveluniversecrochet #katigalusz #katigàlusz #threebearsyarn #cotton #cottonyarn #veganyarn #craftastherapy #crochetaddict #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram
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Photo 1 of 2: Sorry I'm a little late is sharing this with you all but here is my first ever handspun creation that I made on Sunday :-). Some of you might have already seen a few photos as I shared the yarn and progress on this project over on IG Stories on Sunday. For those that haven't seen this yet I hope you enjoy these photos ♥.

On Sunday I planned a special project, making my first headband to wear with my vegan dreadlocks by Pixie Spins 💖. I bought some beautiful hand dyed hand spun yarn from Little V & Me especially for this project and when I saw this yarn I knew it would be perfect...and I was right as doesn't it look stunning?! This yarn is called Candy Girl (2ply) and waa made from Faux Cashmere and Lurex (the sparkle). It's incredibly soft and the colours are just stunning. I fell in love with it even more as I worked with it!

If your wondering what pattern I choose it's called Easy Crochet Headband by Princess Tafadzwa and I was able to make my headband in an evening. I adapted it slightly, just extended the starting chain so it would fit with my dreads installed and I went up a hook size to allow for the yarn I was using. For more details check out my ravelry project

》》Don't forget to see next post to see the other photo collage 🙂 these photos are taken in daylight and you can see a lot more via my rav project 》》

I really love this headband and it was lovely working with handspun yarn for the first time. I cannot wait to use some more, I still have a few more from Little V and Me and I can see them turning into something nice to wear with my dreads :-D. Hope you love it too and I promise when my dreads are installed I'll share some photos of it being worn! #crochet #crochetheadband #headband #easycrochetheadband #dreadsheadband #princesstafadzwa #handdyedyarn #handspunyarn #veganyarn #littlevandme #fauxcashmere #fauxcashmerenylon #yarnaddict #yarnlove #ravelryproject #craftastherapy #crochetaddict #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram
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Look who I'm going to be making (starting) tomorrow 😀 !

#Repost @island_runner (Vegan Runner)with • • •
We recently asked you "Which Amigurumi Character you'd like to see in July?" and the results from the poll are now in 😁. The winner is.... ☆☆ Captain America ☆☆ ..with 50% of the votes. Thank you to all who voted and we hope your all happy with the results ☺. My wife Bedcrafter is delighted with the results as this pattern is one of her favourites from the Marvel Universe Pattern Book by Kati Gàlusz. She will be starting tomorrow and if you'd like to see him being made keep an eye on her feed where she'll share work in progress updates. #amigurumicharityrun #amigurumicharityrunpoll #amigurumi #amigurumimarvel #amigurumicaptainamerica #crochet #crochetmarvel #crochetcaptainamerica #marveluniversecrochet #Marvelcrochetkit #katigalusz #katigàlusz #crochetforcharity