POLL: Which Amigurumi character would you like to see for June’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?

Hello Again 🙂

Firstly I know my blog needs a really good update and some catch up posts and I wish I’d been able to do them before this one, but time (or my health) hasn’t been on my side and I really need to look at starting the next character soon as last time it was way too close for my liking (i.e I wasn’t even able to have the character ready for the first day of the run). From now on I hope to run next month’s p0ll two weeks into each month as this way I have more time, if I am extra organised I might even do it earlier than this.

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POLL: Which Amigurumi Character Would You Like To See For May’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?

Hi there,

It’s time again to choose the next Amigurumi Character for next month, in fact I am a bit later in doing this than I planned as my health has been even worse these past few weeks. So for this reason I am afraid we’ll have to run this poll for slightly less time than usual so I have enough time to create the winning character. I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by, in my case I am loosing it to sleep most of the time.

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POLL: Which Amigurumi Character Would You Like To See For April’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?


Would you like to be part of choosing the next Amigurumi Character for #amigurumicharityrun , for the month of April? Last month we ran a poll over on my facebook page but we didn’t feel this was the best way to manage it so we have decided from now on to run it on my blog. We hope this makes it easier for you, as after all that is what our main goal is as we would like you to be part of choosing the characters made this year and we want it to be as easy as possible for you to take part.

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I am sorry I went quiet again – I got the flu!

Hello there,

I just wanted to do a quick post to give you all an update, as you may have noticed my blog has become quiet again and not had the posts you might have expected (and I promised). Unfortunately back in February I caught the Flu and this really hit me badly and I am only finally now recovered, although sadly it has had a knock on affect of my usual health so that is frustrating. Anyway…

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January’s Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Princess Leia

Firstly we are really sorry we are starting this raffle later than we planned, we have had a few bad days with illness and we are trying to catch up now. Please know that future raffles will run as advertised, this is a one off (it’s easier to run them in the future as we’ll have done it before and can use the same set up).

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