Just thought I’d say a quick hello (update)

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I have done an update and I have been meaning to do one for a while so here I am. This will just be a short post today as I’m not having a good day and I still need to get another post up (the poll for August’s Amigurumi character) so I need to make sure I have enough energy left.

I’ll start with some happy news I received a few weeks ago, I got an email from the founder of Feedspot to tell me that my blog had been selected by their panelist as one of the top 5o Amigurumi blogs on the web. This was a lovely surprise and of course I had to check out the link they gave me to check it out. It was lovely to see a lot of other designers and bloggers that I love part of it as well and to think I was part of it as well, well that made my day. They gave me a badge to display on my website so I have added it to my sidebar, so do check it out if you like 🙂 and if you click on the badge it takes you to The Top 50 Amigurumi Blogs where I am sure you’ll find many you want to follow as I know I do!

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I am sorry I went quiet again – I got the flu!

Hello there,

I just wanted to do a quick post to give you all an update, as you may have noticed my blog has become quiet again and not had the posts you might have expected (and I promised). Unfortunately back in February I caught the Flu and this really hit me badly and I am only finally now recovered, although sadly it has had a knock on affect of my usual health so that is frustrating. Anyway…

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Exciting collaboration with my husband – Amigurumi Charity Run

Hello Again 🙂

Sorry I am a few days later in sharing this blog post than I hoped, my health has been pretty bad these last few days and I have been struggling a lot. Anyway I am not here to talk about that so let me tell you all about this exciting collaboration with my husband (you may of already heard about it on social media!). Continue reading

Sorry I’ve been gone so long!


I am really sorry I haven’t been around for so long, as this wasn’t my plan at all and I am sad that I wasn’t able to blog as much during 2016 as I had hoped. Unfortunately I had a pretty tough year, as I lost my Grandma at the beginning of February and this really affected me (in fact before that I had been working on my end of Jan post sharing what I had made, it’s still in drafts!). My health was also really bad and it made every day such a battle, so coming onto my tablet to do my blog became harder and harder. As you can see I was able to pop in and do some, especially when I had some exciting yarn news to share or I was testing some yarn but none of these posts would have even been possible without the help of my lovely husband D. Continue reading

I’m still here and I promise there are more posts coming soon

Hello there,

I am sorry this place has been very quiet since the launch of Three Bears Yarn Rosie’s Acrylic Slub Yarn, as this wasn’t my intention but unfortunately my health took a dip after this and it’s been a hard few weeks. I have been wanting to do some blog posts since doing the daily posts leading up to the launch of the yarn I was part of, as I really enjoyed doing them even though I did find it tough on my health at times but every time I would try I would struggle and before I realised it weeks has passed me by… Continue reading

Sorry I’ve not been around

Hello there,

I am sorry my blog has been quiet for a while now 🙁 as this is not what I wanted for this place, unfortunately my health seemed to have different plans and since Christmas it’s been a really hard time for me.  It meant I was often not well enough to come on and do some blog posts no matter how much I wanted too, which I found very frustrating. I did actually manage to pop on and work on one post, which was my monthly updates but as you can see there have been none published. I actually have January’s post almost ready to publish, which I hope to finally do this week and I will also catch up on the other month’s I have missed too as this year I really want to do these posts regularly rather than having to play catch up. Continue reading