2015 Yearly Round up Part 1

As promised I am back with my yearly round up of 2015 🙂 and I wanted to this specially because I know over the last few months of last year I got behind and never did all my monthly update posts that I was doing. So I thought at least this way you could find out what I made in the months that I wasn’t able to do the monthly update posts 🙂 although this post wont be as detailed as those. I will be sharing a photo collage of each month with what I made and I will also include a link to each project on Ravelry (public viewable) if you want to see more photos or information. So please be aware this post will be photo heavy so it might take a few moments to load them all! Continue reading

What happened in April?

You might remember last month I shared a post all about what I’d been up to that month? I got the idea from Instagram as I loved seeing the posts others were doing where they shared what they had done that month in a lovely collage. I thought what a great idea so I joined in and the only difference is that I am accompanying mine with a blog post too. I do apologise my blog post is a bit later than when I shared my photo collage, as you know my health has been bad so its taken me longer to do this post than I’d hoped.

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What happened in March?

I’ve been a member of Instagram for a while now and one thing I have seen is fellow crochet folk or even crafty folk doing a collage at the end of the month showing what they have been up too. I love this idea so I thought I would join in too, the only difference is I plan to follow it with a blog post as well. I hope to be a bit more organised for the following month so both the photo collage and blog post is posted either the day before the new month starts or the first day of the next month. I hope you will like these posts and accompanying photos. Continue reading

Cosy Stripe Blanket – Second Set Complete

On the 4th of April 2015 I finished my second set of colours on my Cosy Stripe Blanket. It was really nice starting to see the effect of the random order as being the second set you can start to see how this effect looks. I have to say I think this was a brilliant idea of Lucy at attic24 and I can see myself doing this with a lot of blankets in the future. Continue reading

My Cosy Stripe Blanket CAL Project

At the back-end of last year there was a post on a group I am a member of, called Chronic Creatives which is for people who have Chronic health conditions and are creative. This post was all about starting our own Crochet Along as one of the members had been inspired by a recent CAL over on Lucy’s (Attic24) blog. I thought this was a great idea and like many other members, we said we would love to do one. This started a sub group for Chronic Creatives called CC Crochet Along and this is where it all began. Continue reading

Today I have won a bear and started my blanket!

Today has been a good day because some good things happened today, it definitely distracted me from having a rather poorly day as I was feeling so rough and the pain has been bad. So why despite that was it a good day? Well firstly I woke up to some lovely mail waiting for me 🙂 it was my yarn club parcel from Jo.Knit.Sew and yarn deliveries always make me happy!

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