I am sorry I went quiet again – I got the flu!

Hello there,

I just wanted to do a quick post to give you all an update, as you may have noticed my blog has become quiet again and not had the posts you might have expected (and I promised). Unfortunately back in February I caught the Flu and this really hit me badly and I am only finally now recovered, although sadly it has had a knock on affect of my usual health so that is frustrating. Anyway…

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Sorry I’ve been gone so long!


I am really sorry I haven’t been around for so long, as this wasn’t my plan at all and I am sad that I wasn’t able to blog as much during 2016 as I had hoped. Unfortunately I had a pretty tough year, as I lost my Grandma at the beginning of February and this really affected me (in fact before that I had been working on my end of Jan post sharing what I had made, it’s still in drafts!). My health was also really bad and it made every day such a battle, so coming onto my tablet to do my blog became harder and harder. As you can see I was able to pop in and do some, especially when I had some exciting yarn news to share or I was testing some yarn but none of these posts would have even been possible without the help of my lovely husband D. Continue reading

I’m still here and I promise there are more posts coming soon

Hello there,

I am sorry this place has been very quiet since the launch of Three Bears Yarn Rosie’s Acrylic Slub Yarn, as this wasn’t my intention but unfortunately my health took a dip after this and it’s been a hard few weeks. I have been wanting to do some blog posts since doing the daily posts leading up to the launch of the yarn I was part of, as I really enjoyed doing them even though I did find it tough on my health at times but every time I would try I would struggle and before I realised it weeks has passed me by… Continue reading

Sorry I’ve not been around

Hello there,

I am sorry my blog has been quiet for a while now 🙁 as this is not what I wanted for this place, unfortunately my health seemed to have different plans and since Christmas it’s been a really hard time for me.  It meant I was often not well enough to come on and do some blog posts no matter how much I wanted too, which I found very frustrating. I did actually manage to pop on and work on one post, which was my monthly updates but as you can see there have been none published. I actually have January’s post almost ready to publish, which I hope to finally do this week and I will also catch up on the other month’s I have missed too as this year I really want to do these posts regularly rather than having to play catch up. Continue reading

Sorry it’s been quiet around here lately…

Hi there,

I am sorry it’s been quite around here lately, I have really missed blogging and I have several posts to catch up on. I am looking forward to sharing my 4ply yarn review from Three Bears Yarn and I am currently behind on two posts about what happened in August and September so these posts will be coming soon, I promise :-). Continue reading