Three Bears Yarn Review; Blue (Mermaid Cove) Aran Yarn Sample

A few weeks ago I received some yarn samples from a new British yarn company called Three Bears Yarn, who are based in Lancashire. I was very excited about this new company as soon as I heard about them as they are specialising in cotton yarn 🙂 and as you might know it’s one of the main yarn fibres I use being vegan. I was very eager to try out some of their yarn and I was lucky enough to be chosen to test a selection of their yarns, I couldn’t wait to start using them.

Three Bears Yarn - Yarn Samples.

Three Bears Yarn – Yarn Samples.

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What happened in June?

Hello Again,

Time for another monthly update and at least this time I am not so late :-), although I do apologise that it has meant you having two monthly updates close together. Hopefully from now on they will be around a month apart like they should be! (OK scrap that, I have got delayed finishing this so as I write we are now two weeks into July…oops!) Continue reading

My First Time Using My Doodlestop Yarn Swift and Large Yarn Winder

As some of you might know I asked for a Doodlestop Yarn Swift and a Large Yarn Winder for my Birthday this year. I was very lucky to get them both 🙂 my lovely friend Donna bought me the Doodlestop Yarn Swift and my parents got me the Large Yarn Winder.

My yarn winder arrived a few days after my birthday and then I patiently waited for my yarn swift to arrive, as I needed them both together to cake up some yarn. My Doodlestop Yarn Winder arrived about a week later and on the day it arrived we tested it out, as I was dying to try it out and see it working.

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