July’s Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Captain America and Two Other Amazing Prizes!

Sorry we are late with July’s Raffle as it was the last thing we wanted to do, especially given we were late last month. As you might be aware July has been a really tough month as D had an injury when running which has kept him from running now for several weeks. He never truly realised till now how pain and lack of sleep can make you feel and this has meant he has been feeling ill every day. To cut a long story short this is why this raffle is late, especially as his health has affected mine as he is my full time carer so sadly anything that happens to him can have a huge impact on me too. We are both sorry it’s taken us longer than usual to get this raffle to you but hopefully this will be the last time they run this late again. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now let’s get this raffle started! Continue reading

July’s Amigurumi Character for #amigurumicharityrun

I am really sorry I am late in introducing July’s Amigurumi Character with you all, as I usually like to share this with you within the first week. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing him via social media though and watching his daily adventures!

For those of you that voted in the poll and/or who follow the daily adventures over on social media you’ll know who this month’s character is but in case you don’t it’s Captain America! Continue reading

June Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Thor and his friend The Hulk!

We are really sorry that June’s Raffle is so late and we cannot apologise enough about this. As you might know my wife has been getting even worse with her health and I have had to have some time off as well due to injury and illness so overall it’s been a hard month. Anyway the Raffle is finally ready and all we can do is say sorry for the delay and that we’ll be working hard to make sure it’s never this late again! Continue reading

POLL: Which Amigurumi character would you like to see for June’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?

Hello Again 🙂

Firstly I know my blog needs a really good update and some catch up posts and I wish I’d been able to do them before this one, but time (or my health) hasn’t been on my side and I really need to look at starting the next character soon as last time it was way too close for my liking (i.e I wasn’t even able to have the character ready for the first day of the run). From now on I hope to run next month’s p0ll two weeks into each month as this way I have more time, if I am extra organised I might even do it earlier than this.

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POLL: Which Amigurumi Character Would You Like To See For May’s #amigurumicharityrun Challenge?

Hi there,

It’s time again to choose the next Amigurumi Character for next month, in fact I am a bit later in doing this than I planned as my health has been even worse these past few weeks. So for this reason I am afraid we’ll have to run this poll for slightly less time than usual so I have enough time to create the winning character. I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by, in my case I am loosing it to sleep most of the time.

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Exciting collaboration with my husband – Amigurumi Charity Run

Hello Again 🙂

Sorry I am a few days later in sharing this blog post than I hoped, my health has been pretty bad these last few days and I have been struggling a lot. Anyway I am not here to talk about that so let me tell you all about this exciting collaboration with my husband (you may of already heard about it on social media!). Continue reading