My Finished Round Ruffle Cushion

Hello 🙂

As promised I am here to share with you my finished Round Ruffle Cushion that I made using my samples of Three Bears Yarn; Rosie’s Acrylic Slub. I am sorry this blog post is a little later than I planned, it’s been such a battle with my health and even now I am not in a very good place but I am determined to do some blogging :-).

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Three Bears Yarn: Rosie’s Acrylic Slub DK – Launch Day!

Hello Again 🙂

Today is my last post as part of my daily posts leading up to the launch of Rosie’s Acrylic Slub, which has now been released. How exciting is that? I am really excited and I hope you are too. I hope my posts have helped you in finding out all about this great new yarn and all the possibilities it brings :-).

The best news is the yarn is being sold at a special price for a limited time, so it’s the perfect chance to try some if you have been tempted by this beautiful yarn. It’s currently selling at £2.75 per ball or you can get a pack of 7 of the balls for £17.99. I am afraid the red wasn’t quite ready for the release but it will be coming soon and I will let you know when but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy the others that are available :-). The yarn is being sold in 100g / 338m balls and Three Bears Yarn can ship worldwide so don’t worry if your not in the UK :-). Continue reading

Three Bears Yarn: Rosie’s Acrylic Slub DK – My Review

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for coming to read my review on this fantastic new yarn that is being launched tomorrow (Sunday the 24th of April), it’s been a pleasure to be involved in this project with Three Bears Yarn. As my regular followers will know I have had the pleasure of testing several of their yarns and I have enjoyed trying out every single one and this one has been no exception. I first tried this yarn before I became involved in the project so I hope you will view my review as a fair and honest. Continue reading

Three Bears Yarn: Rosie’s Acrylic Slub DK – My First Creation!

Hello Again 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed my post yesterday and for those that were not sure what Slub yarn was do now 🙂 , I wasn’t sure what it was until I was given this yarn to try out and I soon became a big fan!

Today I thought I would share the first thing I made with this yarn, which was back in January as I was given the yarn to try when it was originally being trialled. I remember seeing the cone of yarn (what samples are often supplied on) for the first time and thinking “wow what is this?” and I was really surprised when I found out it was an Acrylic Slub yarn. I couldn’t wait to try it out and see what it was like as I had never used Slub yarn before. Continue reading

Three Bears Yarn Review; Grey Black Marl Cotton DK Trial Yarn

I recently had the chance to try some new trial yarn from Three Bears Yarn and I was really excited about this one, as it was Marl Cotton and this kind of yarn is not easy to find especially in the UK. So I couldn’t wait to use it and see what it was like 🙂 and when I saw it I just knew this would be a perfect yarn to make something for my husband!

Three Bears Yarn Marl Cotton DK, Grey/Black.

Three Bears Yarn Marl Cotton DK, Grey/Black.

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2015 Yearly Round Up Part 2

This post carries on from Part 1 as I decided I need to split the post as it became very long and I thought it would make for better viewing and loading too. Same warning as the last post, this post is photo heavy so you might need to allow a few moments for the post to fully load.

Well let’s get back to it, the last post was the first 6 months of 2015 and here is the last 6 months of 2015. Continue reading

2015 Yearly Round up Part 1

As promised I am back with my yearly round up of 2015 🙂 and I wanted to this specially because I know over the last few months of last year I got behind and never did all my monthly update posts that I was doing. So I thought at least this way you could find out what I made in the months that I wasn’t able to do the monthly update posts 🙂 although this post wont be as detailed as those. I will be sharing a photo collage of each month with what I made and I will also include a link to each project on Ravelry (public viewable) if you want to see more photos or information. So please be aware this post will be photo heavy so it might take a few moments to load them all! Continue reading