What happened in May? Part 3

This post is part of 3, if you haven’t already seen part 1 and 2 then please see these first.

Amazingly I was also able to fit in a few other projects as well as these, so as you can see May really was a very busy month for me. Thankfully my health improving nearer the end of May really helped and it was nice to go from crocheting through horrific pain to being able to do it and feeling more like myself, as it meant I could enjoy it more :-). Continue reading

What happened in April?

You might remember last month I shared a post all about what I’d been up to that month? I got the idea from Instagram as I loved seeing the posts others were doing where they shared what they had done that month in a lovely collage. I thought what a great idea so I joined in and the only difference is that I am accompanying mine with a blog post too. I do apologise my blog post is a bit later than when I shared my photo collage, as you know my health has been bad so its taken me longer to do this post than I’d hoped.

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