August Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN R2D2

Cross posted from my husband’s blog.

We are sorry this raffle is a little late but this time it was on purpose. We were aware that as the last raffle was late it wasn’t that long since it ended, if we did the usual start of the last week of the month. We also felt it was nice for you to see more daily photos of R2D2 before we started the raffle, because as you all know I am still recovering from a severe ankle injury and it meant the start of the month I wasn’t able to daily but as the month went on I was able to manage daily, and then back to the minimum 5K a day. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the daily photos again and it’s been great being able to run again so I can share them with you. So we hope you’ll forgive the reasons we are late but this is the last time we plan to do this as we want to get back on schedule. Thanks again for all your support 🙂 and now let’s get this raffle started. Continue reading

July’s Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Captain America and Two Other Amazing Prizes!

Sorry we are late with July’s Raffle as it was the last thing we wanted to do, especially given we were late last month. As you might be aware July has been a really tough month as D had an injury when running which has kept him from running now for several weeks. He never truly realised till now how pain and lack of sleep can make you feel and this has meant he has been feeling ill every day. To cut a long story short this is why this raffle is late, especially as his health has affected mine as he is my full time carer so sadly anything that happens to him can have a huge impact on me too. We are both sorry it’s taken us longer than usual to get this raffle to you but hopefully this will be the last time they run this late again. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now let’s get this raffle started! Continue reading

June Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Thor and his friend The Hulk!

We are really sorry that June’s Raffle is so late and we cannot apologise enough about this. As you might know my wife has been getting even worse with her health and I have had to have some time off as well due to injury and illness so overall it’s been a hard month. Anyway the Raffle is finally ready and all we can do is say sorry for the delay and that we’ll be working hard to make sure it’s never this late again! Continue reading

January’s Raffle for #amigurumicharityrun – WIN Princess Leia

Firstly we are really sorry we are starting this raffle later than we planned, we have had a few bad days with illness and we are trying to catch up now. Please know that future raffles will run as advertised, this is a one off (it’s easier to run them in the future as we’ll have done it before and can use the same set up).

Now let’s get started with this raffle and what you need to do to have a chance to win the Amigurumi Character Princess Leia, that I have been running with throughout January. Continue reading