Sorry I’ve been gone so long!


I am really sorry I haven’t been around for so long, as this wasn’t my plan at all and I am sad that I wasn’t able to blog as much during 2016 as I had hoped. Unfortunately I had a pretty tough year, as I lost my Grandma at the beginning of February and this really affected me (in fact before that I had been working on my end of Jan post sharing what I had made, it’s still in drafts!). My health was also really bad and it made every day such a battle, so coming onto my tablet to do my blog became harder and harder. As you can see I was able to pop in and do some, especially when I had some exciting yarn news to share or I was testing some yarn but none of these posts would have even been possible without the help of my lovely husband D. Continue reading

2015 Yearly Round Up Part 2

This post carries on from Part 1 as I decided I need to split the post as it became very long and I thought it would make for better viewing and loading too. Same warning as the last post, this post is photo heavy so you might need to allow a few moments for the post to fully load.

Well let’s get back to it, the last post was the first 6 months of 2015 and here is the last 6 months of 2015. Continue reading

2015 Yearly Round up Part 1

As promised I am back with my yearly round up of 2015 🙂 and I wanted to this specially because I know over the last few months of last year I got behind and never did all my monthly update posts that I was doing. So I thought at least this way you could find out what I made in the months that I wasn’t able to do the monthly update posts 🙂 although this post wont be as detailed as those. I will be sharing a photo collage of each month with what I made and I will also include a link to each project on Ravelry (public viewable) if you want to see more photos or information. So please be aware this post will be photo heavy so it might take a few moments to load them all! Continue reading